Importance Of Animated Logo Over Still Logo

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With technologies bringing innovation in every field, the design industry isn’t untouched. Trends keep changing so as the designers’ approach. Animated logos are one of the best examples of design innovations. Be it a music logo, financial logo, beverage company logo or anything else, the animation is getting popular in these areas for enhanced visual identity. 

Now, flat, one-dimensional and still logos are being replaced by animated ones. This trend seems picking up pace. And why not, digital platforms are sophisticated and using a logo with motion has become a lot easier. 

What is an animated logo?

An animated logo, unlike a still or static logo, has motion. It does not just have motion but sound and color too. The level of animation used in it varies from simple fade-up moves to short video presentations and so forth. 

A design agency with a brand agrees the kind of animation it needs. The brand also decides its run time and length keeping in mind the business goals and its personality. There are many examples of animated logos such as Google, Spotify, Intel, Mozilla Fox, Burger-King, Nat Geo, and more. 

Why do you need an animated logo?

Earlier, we discussed brands using animation to present their business dynamically. It helped them show their characteristics and interactively deliver a particular message. Also, the visual appeal made them stand out. 

All in all, an animated logo speaks of originality that is challenging to find in a still brandmark. There are many benefits that a brand garners by using such a logo. 

Here is a list of benefits it provides. 

1. Increases brand awareness 

What is the primary purpose of a logo? To generate brand awareness.  Right? When you choose an animated one for music logo design or anything else, you create a memorable brand image in your prospects’ mind. Mostly, logos are still images. You may require putting in a lot of efforts to interact with your audience to create a permanent relationship. 

But with smart and visually appealing animation use, you bring your entire image into life. As compared to its earlier counterpart, an animated logo instantly forms an impression thus increasing the brand awareness. 

2. Highlights originality 

It is not hidden that some businesses imitate other brands and create the same logos. Sometimes, they take inspiration from competitors and do the same practice. Their purpose isn’t to build it though, but they are forced to use either the color scheme or other elements to reflect their motto in the same way. 

But now, to keep it unique designers add motion to it. Animation in a logo allows running your imagination wildly. Original graphics, different visual effects, and elements give a unique perception of your brand. 

3. Evokes emotion 

People always like to see fresh but unique ideas. If you want to surprise your prospects, get your logo animated. A logo with a cool and effective motion can trigger enjoyment, excitement, and more. If your logo can do so, people would remember it for a long time. And who knows, some of them would become your loyal customers! 

4. Better storytelling 

As compared to a static logo, animated logos tell the brand story in a better way. It can give a detailed explanation of a brand, its products, and services. It’s in fact, a short video of telling your story uniquely.  As we said earlier a moving image evokes emotions easily; your customers would feel connected with it. There is also the possibility that they would share it across various channels. 

5. It’s budget-friendly 

Do you know BBC spent a whopping $1.8 million on their still logo? Unless you are a big brand and have a big budget, you don’t like to spend that much money on a logo design, would you? Anyway, designing animated logos is inexpensive. You can use it in so many ways on so many platforms. 


For you full-fledged marketing efforts, animated logos prove to be the best tool. As compared to a static logo, an animated logo tells your brand story in a compelling way and creates a unique identity for your brand. You no longer need to copy your competitor’s elements as it can help you memorably highlight your brand propositions. A logo maker tool is the best way to master the art of logo creation. 

You can take help from free music, financial and other business logos available in animated forms. Let us know if you have any other idea in mind.