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Antibodies And Covid 19; How The Test Works

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When you get an infection, your body produces proteins called antibodies that help fight the infection. The antibodies are crucial in ensuring you remain healthy even after the infection. With the emergence of the COVID 19 virus, many people could not identify how their bodies were dealing with the infection. But today, you can establish whether you have COVID 19 or not and analyze how your body reacts to the virus through a special test. Here we are going to discuss all antibody testing Otsego

What To Expect During the Test 

After visiting a facility that offers the test, the healthcare provider will prick your finger and take a blood sample. The laboratory technician will then take blood for analysis and give back feedback to your doctor within twenty minutes. The doctor will then discuss the result with you. The test is relatively new, and therefore, the doctor will refrain from discussing how weak or strong your immune system is against the virus. 

Antibody Test and Vaccination

The doctor will require you to disclose whether you have obtained the COVID vaccine recently before the test. COVID vaccination can interfere with the results of your antibody test. You can test positive because the vaccine triggers your immune system to respond as though you have the virus. 

Expected Results 

Once you get an antibody test, you can get one of the following results;

  • Positive Antibody Test 

The following test shows that you may have contacted the virus previously, and your body has responded by producing antibodies. Also, the positive results will give you evidence that you have the virus if you do not experience any COVID 19-related symptoms. 

  • False Positive 

A false-positive result means you do not have COVID 19 antibodies, although the test shows that you have them. The healthcare provider will have to take the test again to ascertain the accuracy of the first test. 

  • Negative Test 

The results mean you do not have COVID 19 antibodies and are healthy.

  • False Negative Test 

If the test gives a false negative, you have SARS-COV-2 antibodies even if the test shows that you do not have one. 

Factors Affecting antibody Test 

Various factors determine whether you will get accurate or false results. For instance, if you go for the test at the onset of the infection, there are chances that you will get a false negative because the body has not yet produced antibodies to fight the virus. 

Besides, you might also get inaccurate results after getting vaccinated or recovering from COVID 19. You might get a false positive. The test will detect antibodies resulting from the vaccination and the aftermath of the infection. Therefore, you need to go to a facility that has specialists in antibody testing to get accurate results. 

The antibody test has enabled people to understand how their bodies respond to the virus and to test whether they have COVID 19 or not. The test is painless and takes a very short time. Suppose you are looking for a facility with competent personnel to perform the test visit GatherWell COVID Testing Center. Book an appointment today, and you will not regret it.