Are VIP Schemes banned from Slots Sites in the UK?

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VIP schemes exist in many parts of society and if you regularly attend football matches, then you will be aware that some parts of stadiums are reserved for VIP customers only, and here they get better seating and other extras are thrown in, such as bars and restaurants. The casino industry is also famous for having VIP schemes that customers can aspire to join – register at Slingoslots.

Whether VIP schemes are fair is up for debate, but when it comes to casinos, VIP treatment is given to those who spend the most at either an online casino or a traditional land-based outfit. It is a way for casino brands to thank their most loyal of customers, and this is done by showering them with gifts and exclusive deals. 

New Rules 

Pressure groups and those who regulate gambling have been focusing their attention on casino VIP schemes of late. The main reason for this unwanted attention is that it is thought by some, that VIP schemes are detrimental to casino customers. 

This is because some VIP customers have been continuously spending what they cannot afford so that they can keep their VIP status intact. This has set the alarm bells ringing in the industry because it is thought that such individuals are running up gambling debts, just so that they can stay in the VIP game. 

This has forced the UK Gambling Commission into introducing yet more new rules to the gambling environment. Already, gambling with a credit card has been outlawed, the max bet on fixed-odds betting terminals has come crashing down from £200 to £2. Features on slot games are being tweaked to slow down slot spinners and being able to reverse withdrawals has also been ditched. 

VIP Changes 

VIP schemes have also felt the wrath of these sweeping law changes within the gambling industry. Now anyone below the age of 25 cannot become a slot site VIP, no matter how much they spend, or how loyal they are to a particular gambling brand. For those aged over 25, becoming a VIP will no longer be as straightforward as it once was, because these customers will have to pass a series of checks that have been introduced by the UK Gambling Commission themselves. If they pass, only then can they be crowned as VIP customers. 

VIP customers create most of the business at online slot casinos and new data proves this. Recent UK Gambling Commission figures revealed that at nine of the biggest gambling brands in the UK, only 2% of customers were VIP’s yet they were responsible for 83% of all online casino deposits. 

The Future of Slot Site VIP Schemes 

Due to new rules, fewer players will aspire to become VIP customers, and this is mostly down to the intrusive nature of the new rules governing who can and cannot be a VIP. Many casino customers may not even meet the standards required in the first place, but will they even care anymore? So, although VIP schemes are not banned from UK slots sites, the goal posts have definitely been moved.