An Assamese Adventure – Here’s Why You Should Visit Dibrugarh

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The little-known spot in Assam is beautiful and packed with interesting places to explore. If you want reasons to visit Dibrugarh, read on.

The Internet has made it quite simple to travel – you can find all the information you need about a place and even book your hotel and flights online. But finding the right place to visit is often the challenge!

If you like to visit offbeat destinations, or places that are not frequented much, then you should visit Dibrugarh in Assam. 

Assam is beautiful to begin with, Dibrugarh even more so…

Not many people have heard of Dibrugarh. It was an erstwhile centre for oil and mining for Assam. In recent years, its tourism potential and prowess as a tea manufacturing centre, have enriched its economic prospects to no end. Today, Dibrugarh boasts of booming trade and commerce in oil, tourism and tea.

A rugged yet scenic spot with natural wildlife and large swathes of perfectly preserved forestland, Dibrugarh is a tourist’s dream come true. If you’re the type of traveller that loves exploring a new place on foot, chatting up the locals, taking guided tours to know more about the place’s history and visiting all the important landmarks, then you should book your Bagdogra to Dibrugarh flight and plan a visit to this neck of the woods.

Reasons to visit Dibrugarh this year

If you’re planning a domestic holiday in an offbeat location, then we recommend flying down to Dibrugarh and exploring: 

* The sights: There’s a lot to see in Dibrugarh, so do plan your itinerary to include sightseeing and walking tours. The most important sightseeing spots are Jokai Botanical Gardena and Germplasm Centre (you can find many rare species of plants here), the Jeypore Rainforest, DehingPatkai Wildlife Sanctuary, Namphake Village, BarbaruaMaidam, and Naharkatia Town (which has several tea estates you can walk through).

* The spiritual solace: Like the rest of Assam, Dibrugarh also has a fair share of famous temples and spiritual retreats. If you like visiting temples, then you must certainly go to Shrishketra Dham (which has an exact replica of the famous Jagannath Temple), the Buddhist monastery at Namphake Village, the spiritual centre at KoliAaiThaan, and Raidongia Dol. Also don’t miss the graves of two queens of the Ahom Dynasty located at Bormechow and Sarumechlow Maidam.

* Shopping for knick-knacks: You can find a treasure trove of locally produced handicrafts in the street markets of Dibrugarh. Stock up on jaapis (traditional sunshades), handcrafted silver, gold and brass items, Muga silk sarees, decorative panels and figurines in wood, terracotta and metal masks in tribal style, and paintings in the markets.

* Eating out: You will love eating out in this town if you like Tibetan and Chinese food, with an occasional yen for burgers, rolls and pasta. However, ethnic food using fish, pork and chicken as the main ingredients are the most popular items on any menu. Leading airlines in India offer the Bagdogra to Dibrugarh flights quite frequently, at attractive prices. Book early to avoid a last-minute rush for seats.