ATV Riding Gear Guide

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If you’re the type of person who likes to choose the road not taken, then you probably know that ATV riding offers the chance to escape the city or suburbs and explore. Before your journey begins, though, you need to armor up. Here’s a look at some of the best ATV riding gear available right now.

  • Helmets

A safety-rated helmet is essential to a good off-road run. ATVs are designed for rough and tumble riding, and if you do take a tumble, your head needs to be protected. It’s just that simple.

Given the amount of dirt and debris involved in ATV riding, you’re going to want to leave your open-face helmet in the garage and invest in a dedicated, reinforced, breathable ATV helmet that includes a visor to shield you from roost as well as the sun. Both the Bell Moto-9 and Suomy MX Jump lines of helmet offer lightweight, durable carbon fiber shells that come in a wide range of colors and graphics.

The Moto-9 Flex Fasthouse, for example, offers triple-layer impact protection, Velocity Flow Ventilation, and a Flying Bridge QuickFlip visor amongst its numerous features. It was designed with safety in mind, too, right down to its Magnefusion Emergency Removal System cheek pads.

The Suomy MX Jump range, meanwhile, features a Dynamically Variable Resistance Crush Zone in its EPS liner and comes in an extensive range of eye-popping graphics designed for maximum visibility. Don’t worry, though: While its prints may be loud, sound-absorbing polymers in the helmet work to reduce noise for a quieter ride when you’re ripping through the backwoods. 

  • Gloves

You can’t get a good grip on your ATV if your hands are wet, muddy, or under constant assault from mud, rocks, and branches. Fortunately, those outlets that carry the best aftermarket motorcycle parts also carry a seemingly endless assortment of gloves. Even better, they come in at a variety of price points.

Thor Spectrum gloves and Fly Racing F-16 gloves are both excellent midrange choices in a variety of colors and graphics. Each line combines neoprene and multi-stretch mesh for superior breathability and comfort. Silicone fingertip reinforcements provide extra grip as well.

  • Boots

There are two things to look for in an ATV boot: comfort and durability. You need a fit that you can wear all day, and you need a boot that’ll protect your lower legs and feet from whatever roost and detritus you run across out in the wild. 

The Tech line from Alpinestarsincludes an assortment of boots at a tidy variety of price points. On the less expensive end, the Tech 3 is designed with the weekend warrior in mind. It’s an entry-level boot with a leather upper and a variety of support elements, such as a molded MX sole and a trio of polymer buckles. Toward the higher end, the Tech 7 offers increased mobility and stability thanks to its biomechanical pivot and lightweight chassis. It’s also available in 16 different colors and patterns. 

The next time you’re shopping for OEM ATV parts, consider updating your helmet, gloves, or boots. After all, they’re the foundation of your ATV kit. Keep your gear in top-notch shape, and you’ll seldom have a bad trip.