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5 Ways to Build Your Digital Brand on a Small Budget

Build Your Digital Brand on a Small Budget

Due to the ever-developing landscape of the internet makes it all the more complicating and challenging to build or maintain a digital brand. Particularly if you are employing a small budget/ investment. The U.S small business administration had recommended spending approximately 7-8% of the gross revenue towards marketing but in a variant scenario what if the budget in only that ...

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10 Startup Tools to Grow Your Business

Startup Tools to Grow Your Business

The main concern of any ambitious entrepreneur is to maintain their startup costs as low as possible. Though numerous inevitable costs are implied to online businesses. That possibly can be reduced in certain operational costs through the help of few commendably aiding tools. Some several tools and resources can help startups in a manner to minimize the startup costs and ...

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The Initial 6 Things To Do As You Upgrade To iOS 13

ios 13

September 19th was indeed a big day for all the iPhone enthusiast since it marks the launch date of iOS 13. The new upgrade associates a host full of premiering updates, features and improvements. Likewise was experienced since onwards the release of iOS 13 it reveled features the entire weeks ahead and many were so anticipated that they wanted to ...

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How A Call Center Can Help Your Businesses Increase Sales

Call Center Can Help Your Businesses Increase Sales

Business experts have revealed that a click-to-call ad can make a world of difference in a business. In one survey, 70% of the participants said they would hesitate to make an online purchase if there was no contact number on the seller’s website. Would you risk investing in a bank that didn’t have a call center? Definitely not. There has ...

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Feature Analysis—An App Like Tiktok

An App Like Tiktok

Have you ever mimicked an intense scene form your favorite song on TikTok? Most people may have done that. This enthralling music app has been downloaded almost 1.5 billion times globally. It has been growing into an entertainment trend. Last year TikTok had about 500 million monthly active users, this overwhelming number keeps on rising. It wouldn’t be wrong to ...

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Why On-Demand Beauty Services App Are Exorbitantly Popular

Beauty Services App

According to a report conducted in 2017, approximately 81% of the people having a smartphone and this number will jump to 96% at the end of the year 2020. Smartphones connect us to the world there is no doubt about it. Also, it connects customers with businesses, employees with employers, and service seekers with service providers. Apart from this, smartphones ...

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What Factors Contribute To Making A Great Marketing Plan?

Making A Great Marketing Plan

Whether to are a successful enterprise, amid-sized company or a business startup, without having a great marketing plan, your business doesn’t have a chance to last a month in the competitive world of marketing and business industries. The way to succeed is to increase brand awareness and recognition of your brand through effective marketing. Building brand awareness helps a brand ...

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Identity Theft: What it’s All About?

Technology has become smarter as well as more dangerous. Over the years, we have got a lot of new things which were just a dream. On the other hand, we are suffering from the technology effects we never imagined. Did you ever think your identity will be stolen and someone will pretend to be you to steal your data, information ...

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Video in B2B: Some Tips for a Better Use

tips to use Video in B2B

Video in B2B: Some Tips for a Better Use – Video marketing in B2B is complicated, besides that the companies associate it often with a high budget. But videos have become an essential tool in marketing especially in B2B, in this era where digitalization has taken precedence over everything. Despite the differences between B2B marketing and B2C marketing, there is ...

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