Bearing Your Automobile Expenses Without Going Into Debt

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Bearing Your Automobile Expenses Without Going Into Debt – Statistics show that the average adult in the US has around three credit cards on the person at any moment. Many individuals get ready to scamper the moment they hear about credit cards. However, when one uses them correctly, credit cards can help consolidate expenses and save money. Sadly, most adults have little control over their costs, and they end up in severe debt after using their credit cards for shopping indiscriminately. As a result, credit card debt is the most challenging obstacle for anyone trying to achieve their financial freedom.

Does that mean all credit cards are bad? How about retail or store cards? These are a lot like the regular credit cards you use at the moment, except, you can only use the store cards in the particular brand stores or at proprietary shops that keep the branded products. They are very similar to gift cards, in the sense that you can use them only brand-specific stores. Unlike gift cards, which are pre-paid, the store cards allow the holder to purchase the goodies and pay for them in easy monthly installments.

What is the Bridgestone and Firestone credit card?

One of the most popular retail credit cards in the US is the Bridgestone and Firestone credit card. Bridgestone and Firestone offer credit services to their dedicated consumers via the Credit First National Association (CFNA). Unlike the traditional credit and debit cards, you cannot use the CFNA issued Bridgestone Firestone credit card to withdraw money from the ATM or pay for your daily online purchases from Amazon, or pay your utility bill. You can use them only at the Firestone outlets across all 50 states. The particular use and exclusivity of the card make it nearly impossible to “overspend” on this card.  

The Bridgestone and Firestone credit card is an incredible investment for a rainy day. For example, meeting with glitches in the battery or engine is not as predictable as one would like them to be. You can face car trouble while on the way to the office or during a long road trip. During such emergencies, you can whip out your Bridgestone and Firestone credit card to pay for the repair work, replacement, and other automobile services at any Firestone location. Since coming across a Firestone location is quite common on any highway, keeping a Bridgestone and Firestone store card in your wallet is a smart decision. Even if it is the end of the month, and you don’t have money to spare, you can get the necessary work on your automobile without a second thought.

Why should you get a Bridgestone and Firestone credit card?

People love the Bridgestone and Firestone credit card because it is easy to obtain. It is an excellent remedial tool for individuals looking to repair their FICO scores. Take a look at your credit report. Does it indicate a struggling score? Then you can charge all your automobile repairs to one card, and pay off for the services of the next repayment period without breaking a sweat. It sets your automobile expenses apart from your other costs. It is a grand solution to all your financial troubles, especially if you face challenges compartmentalizing your personal, family expenses and
automobile expenses.

  • This CFNA card does not demand a credit score check.
  • There is no chance of overspending.
  • The consumer can pay back the charges he or she has made over the next six months.
  • It is a smart expense monitoring and checking tool for those with limited disposable income.

What are the perks of the Firestone Credit Card?

The Firestone Credit Card from CFNA has several benefits. Here are some of the perks even you can enjoy.

  1. It has 0 annual fees
  2. Users have to pay a meager $2 finance charge
  3. There is no additional maintenance fee
  4. Upon repayment of the complete amount within the stipulated time, there is no interest or added fee
  5. One can break down any purchase of $149 or more into easy 6-month installments with 0 interest
  6. All 1700+ Firestone Complete Auto Care locations across the US accept the CFNA Firestone credit card

Why should you always carry your Bridgestone Firestone credit card?

Nonetheless, people use the Bridgestone and Firestone cards with complete confidence. Penalties and extra charges are occasional lapses that only a handful few of their daily customers face. Moreover, if you are a Firestone patron, here’s how you can save a fortune during your automobile expenses servicing .

  1. Firestone sends out monthly coupons to all the cardholders. They entail massive rebates on service charges across the Firestone retail stores in the US.
  2. Many cards entail special offers or add-on services like free tire rotation with every oil change.
  3. Firestone mails rebates and coupons to the cardholders quite regularly for discounts on branded tires and services.

What should you know about the CFNA Firestone credit card charges?

The only concern of almost all users and credit card reviewers is the catapulting APR. Once you miss the repayment date, CFNA can charge you 22.8% APR on the entire amount of purchase. That is where things get a little confusing for most Firestone credit card users. Even though the user has paid a significant portion of the charged amount back, CFNA charges the 22.8% APR on the initial amount you had charged on the Firestone card during the purchase.

It can be quite financially burdensome for people, most of whom opt for multiple tire replacements, tire rotations, oil changes, and many other services during their one stop at the Firestone location. Paying the incredibly high APR on the entire cost of all these services can set one back by a couple of hundred bucks. It can even take away a couple of hundred points from one’s FICO score.

In 2019, the APR of the CFNA Firestone credit card is 22.8%. Although it can change at any moment, your target should be to avoid paying that APR. Most importantly, missing payment deadlines can attract penalties of $15 or $20, depending on the amount of purchase. Both the APR and penalties on the Firestone card are quite complicated. It is best to stick to a payment schedule and not to miss repayment deadlines.