Avoid These 4 Mistakes In Your Car Shipping Process Right Now!

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Are You Hoping to Relocate Elsewhere Across the Country?

Your Car Shipping Process Right Now! You probably are dealing with the troublesome of shifting all your belongings to another city or state. In addition to packing all of your housewares, clothes, and personal belongings, shifting your car also needs fool-proof planning. Most people go into the procedure completely unprepared and stuck with some nasty surprises. Plus, you can be in big trouble if you make the huge mistake of undertaking this endeavor without planning and scheduling your course of action as carefully and thoughtfully as possible. One of the easiest ways to avoid car shipping mistakes is to start planning your move well in advance. Start researching at least three months before and book your shipment with a reliable company.

Avoid these common mistakes and make your car shipping process successful:

Booking Any Auto Transport Company without Research

There are plenty of car shipping companies out there; some may offer bait and switch pricing to attract customers. These types of companies can hold you and your vehicle until you pay the unnecessary additional amount they ask for. Eventually, this can total thousands of dollars for the process to continue.

On the other side, some companies can damage your vehicle or have poor customer service. To avoid this happening with you, do proper research to ensure your vehicle in the hands of a trusted auto transport company.  The more you research, the better!

Not Addressing Vehicle Damage

Accidents and damages do happen during the shipment! Thus, it is vital to do a visual inspection and note down any damage before shipping your car as well as after the delivery.

In addition, note any existing damage on the “Bill of Lading” both at the point of pickup as well as after your car has been delivered. Doing this will help you file a damage claim with your car shipping company. Avoiding this can have you pay huge repair costs by yourself. Since damages are covered under insurance, a well-marked and signed Bill of Lading will make the process much smoother.

Not Doing Proper Documentation

A reliable auto transport company will issue a list of relevant documents before they collect your vehicle. The documents include vehicle registration, bill of lading, and certificate of insurance as proof that the car is owned by you. Make sure to have these documents in order before you ship your car.

Also, make sure to fill out the vehicle inspection form. At the time of car inspection, all the damages will be noted down; all this should be done in your presence. If you receive your vehicle damaged, you should mark it on the inspection form and ask the driver to sign; otherwise, you can’t claim the insurance.

Paying Every Penny Beforehand

The car shipping cost differs from company to company. Further, the same company might charge different costs depending on the type of service. You should know the entire cost your car shipping company would charge you, so you won’t end up with any hidden fees. Beware of the companies that offer too less price as cheaper is not always the best. Most car shipping companies provide you with free quotes that make it easy to know the charges of short and long distances.

The auto shipping process can be frustrating or easy, depending on how well prepared you are! Keep this guide in mind while you are collecting quotes and researching companies and avoid these mistakes to save your valuable time and money!