Bachelor Of Business Administration- BBA Courses, Subjects, Scope

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Bachelor Of Business Administration- BBA Courses, Subjects, Scope. BBA is one of the most sought after bachelor’s degree. The students from different streams namely Science, Humanities and Commerce who have completed their schooling with their class 12 board examinations can choose BBA as their undergraduate program or course. This degree is of three years duration and is known as bachelor of Business Administration. This is a professional undergraduate program which is available to students from different streams promising these students a job once they are completed with this course. A degree in Bachelor of Business Administration opens various opportunities for a student in various fields like marketing, sales, education, finance, etc.

The job prospects for a student holding a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration are numerous both in national and international level and prosperity in this field is guaranteed. The job opportunities for this particular course are soaring high day by day with millions of students applying for this course simultaneously. BBA is also a great course and a degree if students are planning to get an MBA degree in their post-graduation level. BBA as a course also helps students prepare for competitive entrance exams like CAT, XAT, and GMAT and get better knowledge for jobs in various government and private sectors and how they work. As the name suggests this course helps an individual to develop knowledge in business administration and to grow entrepreneurship skills.

The course is meant to train an individual into understanding how a business is managed in an efficient way, the process of setting up a business and how it needs to be organized and run without any obstacles. The course teaches how the daily happenings around us can affect business administration and how to overcome those problems for a smooth administration. The goal of this course is to inculcate in student’s leadership skills and to teach students the skills to understand the marketing and business environment better so that they can cater to their customers accordingly. In this course, the students are taught the different aspects of business and administration of the business and its management through classroom lectures, presentations, projects, various industrial visits and practical projects like an internship.

The students may or may not get paid for these internships, but it definitely helps a student to gain knowledge about how this course is applicable in the real world and the significance of this course in day to day life. Admission in BBA courses is often done through entrance examinations which are conducted by various institutions and colleges who offer this course. Few institutions also conduct personal interviews of individual students for admission. Final admissions are granted to those students who have cleared all the exams and on the basis of personal interview.

Some of the prominent and well known BBA entrance examinations are:

→ NPAT                          →IPMAT                         →FEAT

UGAT                          →AUMAT                        →BHU UET

BBA courses (specialization):

Bachelor of Business Administration offers various streams which a student can choose from depending on the student’s preference and the field they want to excel in. Each course offers specialization in a specific field and is different from each other as it specializes in different aspects of the business. Top specialization courses and programs can grant students jobs in prestigious companies and institutions.

BBA courses:

Subjects taught in BBA Courses:

A degree in Bachelor of Business Administration is usually divided into six semesters. The subjects whom this degree (BBA) revolves around are:

Business economics which consists of chapters on macro and microeconomics, how a firm operates in the long run and short run, production and material management, etc.

Business communication teaches chapters on how a firm can commercially benefit as an organization.

Business mathematics teaches how commercial enterprises use mathematics to record and manage various business operations by accounting, sales forecasting, financial data analysis, etc.

Business organization teaches how to run a firm with efficiency in various circumstances.

Marketing management, it focuses on the practical application of marketing methods, techniques used by various markets and their strategies, firm production activity and their available resources, etc.

Business statistics teaches the science of good decision making in a time of uncertainty and crisis in the business world.

Scope in Bachelor of Business Administration:

After pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration course, graduates can seek or apply for jobs in various public and private sectors or go for further studies specializing in a subject or going for a degree in MBA.  A student who holds a degree in BBA in MBA is considered helpful in gaining constant promotions and job giving a high salary. Job prospects are great in both national and international level. There are many job opportunities available in the fields of Advertising, Hotel management, the IT sector, Real estate management, etc. The scope which this degree holds is unlimited and varied and open job paths in various directions. Some of the prominent jobs which a person can hold with this degree is:

➦ Financial analyst                         ➦ Data analyst

➦ Project manager                         ➦ Business development executive

➦ Marketing executive

➦ HR manager