All You Need To Know About a Beach Destination Wedding

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Have you always dreamt about having a beach destination wedding? Below are all the things you must know about planning your dream beach destination wedding. Weddings celebrations have undergone various changes over all these years. Earlier people were more concerned about their vows and loved ones. Now most of them are interested in having a luxurious, romantic and beautiful wedding. People spend a massive amount of money on their weddings. Most of them want to plan a destination wedding, especially on a beach, trying to recreate some movie scenes. Here we will enumerate about all the things than to need to know, to plan a perfect beach destination wedding.


Well, the most essential thing that you need to decide is the location. Where? What? How? There are many beach locations suitable for weddings. You can either use the resort beach, a public beach, or a private beach. Select the type of beach which suits your requirements. The beach has to be clean, beautiful, available, spacious, budget-friendly, and legal. Resort beach can be costly. The public beach can be dirty and crowded. Choose a private beach and try to get a discount and a legal permit. One of the best beach destinations can be Punta Cana as it is cheap, affordable, and beautiful. It is famous for weddings so that you can get most of the other things required for a wedding nearby.


The second most important thing is to select a dress which goes along with a beach wedding. You don’t want your wedding dress to get dirty in the sand or your heels to get stuck. Brides should choose light and comfortable fabric and avoid wearing any footwear if the altar is on the sand. Groom should match his suit with the bride. Not too many layers of clothing as it may get too hot.

Wedding Planner and travel arrangements:

Get the assistance of a professional wedding planner to get all the important work done. While you get nervous about your wedding, let the wedding planner handle all the things like the guest list, hotel reservations, sitting arrangement, decorations, flowers, cake, food, beverages. You can leave the work to a professional and focus on your vows and dress.

Decoration, Food, and Music: 

Select what kind of set-up and decorations you need for your wedding in advance. Inform the wedding planner in advance. Choose the colors and flower arrangements. Choose the type and flavor of cake you need for your wedding. Give the cake order well in advance. Select the drinks and beverages that will be served at your wedding. Choose the starters and dinner menu for your wedding. Choose the song list and your wedding dance song.

Important People:

Do not forget to invite all the important people at your wedding. Check the list carefully so that you don’t forget anyone. Make travel and hotel arrangements for the people who need to travel. Choose the bridesmaid, flower girl, and maid of honor in advance and have their dresses matched. Inform the Father, who will tie the knot. And lastly, don’t forget to write your vows.

Wedding Photography:

Last but not least, the essential thing to take into consideration is wedding photography. You don’t just undergo all the hassle for a perfect beach destination wedding and forget about wedding photo-shoot. Nowadays people are more concerned with wedding photography than all the other things. Many people spend a huge amount of money on wedding photographers. 

It has become a lucrative career for many aspiring photographers. So, if you are planning your beach wedding in Punta Cana, you can hire a wedding photographer in Punta Сana. There are many wedding photographers there, as it is a wedding destination. You don’t need to worry about finding a good wedding photographer. Here are a few of the pointers for selecting the best Punta Cana wedding photographer.

  • Work Experience: 

Select a photographer who has enough work experience to know what he has to do. 

  • Creativity: 

Chose someone who is creative with their style. You don’t want your wedding photos to look like all the other wedding photos. Choose someone who can make the photos unique and creative.

  • Package: 

Choose the best package available. A wedding photo-shoot can be very expensive, so select a photographer who has the best package which fulfills your requirements. You do not want to expend all your cash on wedding photos.

  • Love and Passion for work: 

Choose someone who has a passion for photography. You don’t want someone who simply works for money. Photography is an art, so the photographer should really love what he is doing.

  • Details: 

Choose someone who covers even the little aspects in portrait. Details can make the picture look much better than a normal shot.

  • Portfolio: 

Check the portfolio photos in advance to see the previous work done by the photographer. It gives you a good idea.

  • Tech-Savvy: 

The photographer should be well-versed with technology like drones and other stuff to get the shot from every angle and view.

You should select a wedding photographer based on the above points. Wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, and you want each and every memory to captured and alive. This very thing makes wedding photography so important. Years after your marriage, you can go back in time exactly when you got married by looking at your wedding photos and reliving your happiest memories. In the end, it is the most joyous memories that matter over everything in life.

This is a list of all the stuff you must know about planning a beach destination wedding. Although this post focuses mainly on wedding photography, the other things are equally important. It was highlighted due to the fact that people nowadays are more concerned with photography than any other thing. There is also this latest trend of pre-wedding photo-shoot. 

Photographers are highly demanded and paid. And if you visit tourist destinations like Punta Cana, you don’t have to worry about finding a good Punta Cana wedding photographer. You can easily find an excellent photographer to suit your requirements.