Explore The Beauty Of Holy Place Najaf- Iraq

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Explore The Beauty Of Holy Place Najaf- Iraq. Najaf! The third one holy city after Mecca & Medina, Mecca and Medina is known for the house of Allah and for the last Prophet of Allah (peace be Upon Him) while Najaf is known for the Prophet’s son-in-law. Najaf is the city of Iraq. Iraq country has a very brave heart because it hides lots of the Prophet’s followers, dead bodies in his land’s heart, which included Holy prophet (P.b.U.H)’s grandsons and the most loving cousin or husband of Hazrat Fatima (R.A) and many more.  This blog is going to the sprinkling of the lights on the Iraq city Najaf because it is very famous among the Shia Muslims and definitely Sunni Muslims because of this religious place link with one of the brave personalities of Islam (who followed the Nabi Allah at every step).

Beauty of Najaf:

The Iraq city Najaf directly linked to the shrine of the 4th caliph of Islam, it has 16 km distance south of Baghdad. It is located on the edge of the Western Plateau of Iraq and it is 70 meters high from the sea level and in Arabic term “Najaf” is a hill, the place where water was not able to reach. This city is 80 km far from the Karbala city, 18 km far from the city Abu Sukhair. The city has been famous as a center of scholarship and Shia religious authority and has been home to many religious scholars over the past thousand years. It still gets popularity because it is the most pilgrim destination for the Shia. They came there every year with Cheap Flights to Najaf for visiting the holy site in the month of Muharram in commemorating of great sacrifices of Imam Ali and his all family even the Hazrat Hussain too. In the other months, Shia Muslims start their pilgrim from the shrine of Hazrat Ali then they move ahead to Mecca Madina. Najaf is a beautiful holy place because 4th Amir ul Momineen buried there.

Death Of Imam Ali B. Bin Taleb:

Hazrat Ali was the fourth caliph of Islam and the father of Hazrat Hussain (R.A) and closest relative (cousin of the Holy Prophet) because he was the son of our Holy Rasool’s Uncle named Abu Taleb (who brought up the Nabi Allah after the death of His grandfather Hazrat Muttalib). The 4th caliph of Islam was famous in the Mecca with the many nicknames. The first nickname that given by the Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was the “ Lion of Allah” as (Asadullah), further are given due to his bravery like, as a caliph of Islam he was famous with the title of “Amir al-Muminun” (Leader of the Muslims or Momin) and Lion fighting all sides (Haidar al-Karrar) too. During the conflict, the son-in-law (Husband of Hazrat Fatima) of the Messenger of God (P.B.U.H) was killed at Najaf since 661 AD and he is regarded as a great saint and martyr. His shrine is in Najaf, it belongs a great religious significance site in the heart of Muslims. Imam Ali’s shrine is in the city along with graves attributed to Adam, Nuḥ (Noah), Hod, and Ṣāleḥ. 

Shrine Of Lion Of GOD:

The shrine of Imam Ali had been discovered in Najaf in 750 AD by Dawood Bin Ali Al-Abbas. In 977 AD, a shrine was built over the tomb by Azod Eddowleh. In 1086 it was rebuilt by the Seljuk Malek Shah, and in 1500 it rebuilt again by Ismail Shah, the Safavid. The shrine of Imam Ali is enclosed in a mosque named Al-Haidariya Shrine with a glowing golden dome that is made up of 7,777 tiles of pure gold and two 35 meters high golden minarets and each made of 40,000 gold tiles. The main gateway facade of the tomb seen is richly beautiful- the gold tiles have handsomely with age and through the doorway to the tomb itself. Different colors (pink, yellow, blue) pattern birds and flowers were designed into the courtyard floor with the marble. Its roof and even walls are decorated with silver and glass mirror interior.

Other Places:

Najaf city has many prominent other shrines, a mosque marking the spot where Imam Ali (R.A) was martyred, cells for Sufi mystics that have formed monastic communities there and the Muslims’ world largest Cemetery, that is called Wadi-Al-Salam. It contains the tombs of many prophets, with the millions of Shia Muslims who have buried. They believe that they raised up with the Prophet’s son in Law on the doomsday.

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