Why On-Demand Beauty Services App Are Exorbitantly Popular

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According to a report conducted in 2017, approximately 81% of people having a smartphone, and this number will jump to 96% at the end of the year 2020. Smartphones connect us to the world there is no doubt about it. Also, it connects customers with businesses, employees with employers, and service seekers with service providers. Apart from this, smartphones have also given birth to location-based services and secure payment gateways. In other words, we can say that smartphones have given a booming growth to the Uberification of the services.

Nowadays, you can easily get taxi service, delivery of food and grocery items, medicine delivery, and many other services by making the use of on-demand apps. But, did you know the rise of on-demand apps also transfigured the way people take beauty services? Now, you can easily get the services of a beautician by using their smartphones.

Previously, you have to go to the salon to get the services of a beautician, right? But, now by making use of an on-demand beauty services app, you can call the beauty professionals to your place. In other words, you can call beauty professionals at your place for services like make-up, hair, and other salon services, thanks to the on-demand beauty services app.

According to a survey, 90% of internet users spend their time on on-demand apps as compared to any other mobile application. By the year 2020-21, the number of smartphone users will boost by 4.70 billion, according to experts. So, this is an accurate time for business owners to invest in on-demand mobile apps. If you are running a salon or planning to invest in this industry, developing an on-demand app for beauty services can be a smart move.

Why On-Demand Beauty Service Apps are popular:

Generally, when people visit a local spa/salon they have to wait for their turn. When it comes to the services of a beautician or hairdresser, People give priority to those beauty professionals whom they have been visiting for a long time. Most of the time, other salons are offering better deals, but people remain unaware of it.

Now the question arises – how do we get rid of these hitches? Well, an online beauty service app or website is an ideal solution to overcome from this situation. It makes the search, booking, and appointment for the beauty services easier for people. Apart from this, on-demand beauty services have equivalent benefits for customers as well as businesses.

Types Of Platform For On-Demand Beauty Services App:

Marketplace: The marketplace business model is a platform for salons and beauty centers. Marketplace sets a commission or fixed prices with the service providers for providing them a platform with a huge customer network.

Aggregator: Aggregator business model: In this business model, the platform charges a service fee for every transaction from the registered service providers.

However, aggregator and marketplace both the business models allow their customers to compare services and post reviews based on their experience with the service provider.

Benefits of On-Demand Beauty Services App:

The business model of Uber has been appreciated around the globe and its impact can be seen clearly in this digitally growing world. In this post, we will find out the benefits of on-demand service apps that make them a front-runner in this competitive market. Following are some of the essential benefits:


One of the soundest reasons behind the popularity of on-demand beauty services app is the time efficiency. By making the use of an on-demand beauty services app, customers can book the services of a beautician at their home without the wastage of time.

Business Reach:

On-demand beauty services apps have proven equally beneficial for both customers and businesses. If we talk about beauty service providers or salons, they can effortlessly enhance their geographical reach by registering themselves on On-demand beauty services apps. It not only benefits them with better brand awareness but also customer engagement and ROI. With the help of on-demand beauty services apps, businesses can convert customers into permanent customers by delivering them convenient, flawless, and comfortable beauty services.

Online Appointment Booking:

Getting the services of a beautician at the salon is often time-consuming. Most of the time, you have to wait for the cosmetologist or hairdresser when he/she is engaged with other customers. In this case, either you have to wait in the salon for your turn or you have to re-schedule your appointment. All in all, this process impact your overall schedule, but by using an on-demand beauty service app, you can schedule the services of a beautician as per your own convenience.

Push Notifications:

To run a successful business, you have to improve your engagement with potential customers. But, now the question arises, how do you enhance your engagement with customers. Push Notifications, yes you heard correctly. By adding the feature of push notification in your on-demand beauty services app, you can establish an indirect contact with the customers. You can offer eye-catching discounts, deals, and offers so that customers can open your app to fetch the services offered by your brand.

Ease of Convenience:

Genuine price range and higher customer convenience are the two major things that a customer notices while availing any kind of service. Make your on-demand beauty service app handy and easy to operate. Secondly, you need to ensure that the services that you are offering are of top-notch quality under an affordable price range.

Improved Efficiency and Business Growth:

On-demand apps add a sense of comfortability and assistance for customers. In addition to it, it also improves your business growth in terms of sales figures, brand awareness, and customer retention. 


In the past few years, only a handful of companies entered the on-demand service app market, and people also appreciate those apps. An effectively created on-demand service app can take your business to the next level there is no doubt about it.