Best Apps for Schools 2020: For Teachers and Students

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It can get overwhelming for most of the teachers and students to choose out of hundreds of educational applications. Therefore, prepared a list of some of the best applications that will support you in your education, save your time, and increase the level of your productivity. 

  1. Google Classroom

You can streamline the assignments, foster communication, and boost collaboration with the help of the Google Classroom. This application has practically revolutionized the teaching techniques, as the teachers can create classes in the Google Classroom, they can distribute the assignments, send feedback to their students, and much more. 

  1. Mathletics

This application is considered one of the leading educational resources for learning mathematics. It is used by over 4 million students. With the help of this app, students can compete in mathematics against students from across the globe. 

  1. Remind

If the teachers want to communicate with their students or their parents, they can use the Remind App. It is quite easy to use. It can help the teachers to send a message to the entire class in real-time. They can also schedule the announcement beforehand. Teachers can also attach files and pictures on this application. Another amazing feature of this application is that it can translate your messages into about 90 languages, which is quite handy for the parents who do not understand the English language. This app is available for Android and iOS. 

  1. Kahoot

This application is available on Android and iOS. This application provides the teachers with a platform with the help of which they can interact with their students through competitive knowledge games. It has been noted that using this application has a positive impact on the students in the classroom and even when they are home.

  1. Spellwizards

This application is available on Laptop and PC. If your students struggle with the spelling, listening, or writing skills, then Spellwizards is an excellent application for you. This application is designed for the students in all year of primary school and it can help even the young children learn various skills. 

  1. Show My Homework

The vision behind the creation of the Show My Homework application is to help the students and the teachers in the process of setting and completing the homework. This application is available on Android and iOS. 

  1. Animation Kit

The Animation Kit is an easy to use application that has a child-friendly platform. It is used for creating animation sequences in a short period of time. The kids can do that by using the drawings, shapes, photos, or text. This application is available for the iPad only.

  1. New-O-Matic EDU

It is the first daily newspaper created especially for students where they can find various non-fiction stories, along with valuable literacy tools. It provides the students with a window to the outside world, which would help them become responsible citizens. This application is available on Android and iOS. 

  1. Quizlet

This application provides the students with a database of about 13 million flashcard sets. These flashcards are created by users for various purposes. You can use those flashcards to learn new things about different topics and even create your own flashcard sets. This application is available on Android and iOS.  

Various kinds of applications are becoming the part and parcel of studies these days, as the schools are realizing the importance of tablets and smartphones in today’s generation. These applications help students get more interactive. Mentioned above are just a few of the various applications made for the schools.