Best Equipment for a Weekend Camping Adventure in Portland, Oregon

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Best Equipment for a Weekend Camping Adventure in Portland, Oregon. Portland is known far and wide for its vibrant scene, craft beers and coffee, but thanks to being located in the nature-rich state of Oregon, the city’s surroundings are also a perfect weekend getaway offering a little something for everyone. Whether you want to experience a different view of Mount Hood’s ever-snowcapped peak, the pristine waters and the Multnomah Falls or the wonderful Tillamook State Forest, you’ll find yourself enchanted by the nature around you. So, picture-perfect scenery? Check. But what to bring along on a weekend camping trip around Portland? We got you covered with the essentials below.

A suitable tent, plus poles and stakes

The absolute basics of camping. Venturing into Oregon’s nature is best when equipped with a light waterproof tent with a rain fly and a tarp to be used as a moisture barrier. Sure, these might not be necessary if you’re going in the summer, but with changeable weather, there is no reason not to be prepared.

Adequate clothing

There is a reason why nature is so lush and why moss is abundant in the Beaver. The Pacific Northwest climate can change very easily and rain can catch you off-guard, so it’s best to be prepared for whichever season. This mainly means layers – sweaters and light jackets in general, while summer requires a rain jacket, just in case. If your weekend getaway is during one of the colder months, you won’t go wrong with a puffer jacket and moisture-wicking socks – they help a lot when the temperature drops during the night and help with the occasional rainy days.

Bring your fire starters

With the high moisture levels, you don’t want your perfect getaway to pass in futile attempts of getting a spark from two twigs. Check out your campsite’s fire restrictions and if it’s a go, bring a working fire starter. It will warm your soul, put your mind at ease and give your headspace more room for soaking in the natural beauty around you. While packing for the trip, don’t forget to leave space for matches and two lighters, too!

A staple knife

Another camping essential is a good, reliable knife. It’s a staple survival tool and a godsend for outdoor activities. Depending on your destination and needs, there is a variety of efficient cutting tools you can choose from even in the category of OTF automatic knives alone. Getting equipped with a fixed stainless-steel blade that doubles both as a knife and a mini ax will suit you up for your adventures in the wild.

Keep pain at bay with this holy trinity

No camping checklist is fulfilled without a first aid kit, so be sure to pack yours too. Moreover, sun protection is a must and having a high SPF sunscreen at hand is imperative. Also, to keep mosquitos and other flyers and crawlers away, even camping beginners are quick to bring an insect repellent along on their adventure.

A warm sleeping bag

Once you invest in a quality sleeping bag, it will be your trusty sidekick for every outdoor adventure. A good cold-weather sleeping bag should balance out its weight and functionality, so you can be sure you get some quality shut-eye before carrying on the next day. Bonus tip – don’t bury your face at night in your sleeping bag, because the moist air you exhale will cause the bag to cool down. So, pack a face buff instead.

Don’t forget your bike

Did you know that Portland has the most cyclists per capita in the States? Not only is biking culture well-developed in the city, but you also have many bicycle-friendly camping options nearby. So, if you already have a two-wheeler equipped for biking trails, it would be a crime not to bust it out for this occasion. Or if you were thinking about getting one, what better place to test it out than the well-beaten yet wild tracks of Oregon?

The moss-covered trees around Portland are just waiting to greet you, so start planning your adventure smartly and enjoy some top-notch outdoor fun!