Best Gear to Make Room in a Tiny Kitchen

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Our kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the entire house. From cooking food to dining in with your family, if your kitchen isn’t organized, it will be a real problem for everyone. Big sized kitchens add to the overall beauty of the house and allow you to keep everything in place. But, not everyone is blessed with a huge kitchen that is worthy of being taken a picture of. If you are facing the same problem of lack of space, then don’t worry, we are here at your rescue. We have found some amazing gear that will help you make more room in your tiny kitchen if you use them the right way. Check them out in the next segment and also take a look at the Rotimatic, for making soft rotis every time.

Gear That Can Transform Your Kitchen

The use of different elements in the kitchen will enable you to maximize the amount of space that is available in your flat. One such element is a kitchen splashback from Simply Plastics. Use these fantastic tools to help your tiny kitchen look more organized and make space for other things as well –

Magnetic Fridge Storage Rack

Our refrigerators do not only come with big storage space inside, but if you use the Magnetic fridge storage rack, you will be able to store a lot of items on the outside of the appliance as well. These racks come with a magnet and they can attach to the metal body of the refrigerator. It makes wonderful use of the vertical space available and allows you to store different items like small jars, crockery, utensils, and various other objects. It doesn’t take up any precious counter space and if you attach a few hooks underneath it, you will be able to hang all your cups from there.

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan are rotating trays that can be used to take advantage of the deep unused space that is available at the end of drawers, cupboards or around the kitchen corners. These usually come in 10.5- and 16-inch-diameter sizes and have grips underneath in order to prevent them from coming out from place. You can store the small items around the front and the taller ones at the back. You won’t have any problem reaching to the deepest of corners in the Lazy Susan, because it will easily slide out and you can get your hands on all the items stored.

Cup Hooks

Cup hooks are the best way in which you can store your cups and mugs in the kitchen. Often we find it difficult to store too many cups in the drawers and cabinets, resulting in some of them getting damaged as well. Cup hooks come with screws which can be attached to the side of your kitchen cabinets or below them. Now, hang all of your cups properly from these hooks. It makes your kitchen look much organized than before and also save a lot of counter space that they usually take up.

Magnetic Knife Strip

Instead of using huge knife blocks for storing your knives and other sharp objects sharpened by a sharpening stone, you can use a magnetic knife strip. Knife blocks take up a lot of space on the top of the kitchen counter. Hence, it is essential to save that space by using these strips. You can attach them at the side of the cabinets or somewhere safe, especially away from children. Just pull them out when you require them and attach them back in place after your work is finished.

Industrial Rack Shelf

The use of vertical space in your kitchen is one of the best ways in which you can actually save a lot of area. Industrial rack shelves are one of the best ways in which you can do so. They come with several levels of storage rack and extend more towards the ceiling. Thus, allowing you to perfectly use the vertical space that is available in the tiny kitchen. From pots and pans to various other kitchen items and small appliances, this rack can be a lifesaver when you have a small kitchen space. It will help you keep your kitchen devices safe as we have read in some latest rotimatic reviews.

So, these are the top gear that will help you make full use of the amount of space that is available in your tiny kitchen at your house.

Final Words

All the gears that we have talked about are easily available and you can get them at any kitchen tool store. Using them will surely help you get a more organized and efficient kitchen than ever before. Did you check the Rotimatic Rotimaker? If not, then make sure you do immediately and bring it home if you want to save yourself from the hassles of making perfect rotis on a daily basis at your home.