Best Logo Creator Tools & Generators: Fast, Easy, Cost-Effective

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A logo can be the difference between a brand that’s memorable, and one that’s forgotten. That’s why it pays to have a great logo in your toolkit—to help make your company stand out. But if you’re short on skills, time, or money (or all three), you might think getting a professional-looking logo is out of reach. Fear not! As it turns out there are plenty of tools and resources available online that can help you create your own logo—and most of them are free!


Designhill logo creator is a logo design and branding platform that helps you find the right logo designer for your project. Designhill was created by designers, for designers. They understand the importance of getting your business off to a great start, which is why they’ve made it easy for anyone to create a stunning logo in minutes without any design experience.

Designhill gives you access to thousands of skilled freelancers from around the world who are ready to work on your projects today!


Canva is a graphic design tool that allows you to create designs for social media, blog graphics, presentations, and more. It’s completely free to use Canva’s basic features and it has a huge selection of images, fonts, and graphics that are available for download.

The tool is also very easy to use—you can drag and drop photos into your design board from your computer or from their public library of stock images. The interface is clean and uncluttered so it’s easy to focus on what you want your design to look like.

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is a logo design tool that helps you create a logo in minutes.

Tailor Brands offers a variety of templates and fonts to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that fits your needs. They even have an option for user-created templates, so you can make it easy on yourself by choosing from other users’ work instead of having to start from scratch.

Tailor Brands’ user interface is clean and easy to use, making this an excellent choice for those who aren’t familiar with designing logos or who want something quick and simple.

Wix Logo Maker

Wix logo maker is a web-based tool that helps you design a logo. It’s free and easy to use, so if you’re looking for an online tool to design your brand’s identity, this might be the one for you!

Hatchful by Shopify

Hatchful is a tool that allows you to create and test different logo designs with the click of a button. It’s simple to use and makes it easy for anyone to create amazing-looking logos without any design experience.

Hatchful integrates with Shopify, so you can add your logo directly from the app into your new or existing store in just a few clicks. Or if you want to use Hatchful as part of another platform, like an eCommerce website or blog, they also allow users to download the files necessary for importing into those other platforms (for example WordPress).

After creating your logo with Hatchful—whether it’s for your Facebook page or an online store—you can test out some different colors on each one by clicking on “Colors” then “Show me colors!” You are able to set up multiple color schemes within one project and even save them as templates if needed.

Free Logo Design

Logo design service can be a very expensive process, especially if you’re paying for it. But there are some free logo design tools that can help you create a great-looking professional logo for your business at no charge. With the free version of these tools, you’ll receive a simple and basic design that may not be exactly what you’re looking for but still serves as an excellent starting point for your marque.


Logaster is another of those logo maker tools that can help you to create your own logo in minutes. It has a collection of over 200 logo templates, with more being added all the time. The Logaster software is free to use and it’s easy to do so – just choose your template, upload it, edit it and then download your new logo!


LogoMakr is a great logo maker that comes with a slew of features. From customizing colors and fonts to uploading your own images, LogoMakr has you covered. It also provides plenty of templates for you to choose from, so if you’re not too keen on designing your own logo from scratch, this tool is still great for helping you get started.

LogoMakr offers a free trial period where you can test out all its features without paying anything at all! The paid plans start at $19 per month and go up to $149 per year (billed annually).


Ucraft is a graphic design platform that is easy to use and affordable. It has a library of more than 100,000 graphics, fonts, and templates for you to use. Ucraft is free to use for up to 2 projects per month (with no ads). If you have more than 2 projects in a month and want access to the premium tools on Ucraft, then you can buy credits at $0.15 per project or subscription plans starting at $6/month with all features unlocked (or $50/year).

The GraphicSprings

The GraphicSprings logo creator is a cloud-based tool that offers fast and easy access to all of the tools you need to create a memorable logo for your business. The GraphicSprings logo generator is designed specifically for small businesses looking for an affordable and cost-effective solution—with no minimum or maximum pricing structure, it’s perfect for any budget. It’s also ideal for beginners who may not have any professional experience in designing logos or other graphics.

The software features over 1,000 high-quality fonts as well as icons and images from different backgrounds (whether you’re looking for something traditional or more contemporary). The GraphicSprings has an intuitive interface that makes it easy even if you’re new to design programs like this one!

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Final words

There are so many logo maker tools out there that can help you create a professional, unique logo for your brand in minutes. The best ones will help you design something extremely unique to your brand without having to pay a hefty price tag upfront. We hope this list has provided some useful information and inspiration if you’re looking for a new logo generator or need more ways to generate ideas!

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