Best Times To Visit Nashville

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Over several years, Nashville has been recognized as one of the most musical cities in the United States. It is home to many exciting and inviting attractions that tourists may have a hard time refusing. And, as a bonus, Nashville houses for sale is in its prime right now, so if you love Nashville and are looking to move, right now is the time to do it.

Home of Vanderbilt University and the country music hall of fame, this city is an excellent destination for anyone who loves the sound of music. This being said, there are better times to visit parts of the city than others. Below is a list of when it is best to visit the most popular tourist attraction in Nashville.

Rock N’ Roll Nashville Marathon in April

The Rock N’ Roll Nashville Marathon is a marathon that takes multiple days. This Marathon takes you around the best parts of the city, with time to stop for country music and chicken. This is an excellent event for anyone who is semi-healthy and in good shape and wants to party and get healthy at the same time.

The only stipulation with this fun run is the fact that it only takes place in April, so if this sounds like something that you are interested in, you better clear your April schedule.

Country Music Festival in June

The country music festival is the crown jewel of country music; if you want to get your honky-tonk on, this is the place to go. The best and most popular country music artists, plus a few throwback legends, are gathered to put on the best country music show of the year.

But, just like the Marathon, this is a limited time offer. It is only going on for three days in June, so if you are a freak for the honky-tonk, you better clear your schedule from June 4th through June 7th.


AMERICANAFEST is where all the new and upcoming talented country music stars make their mark. This event consists of all the latest and young souls of the country music industry trying to get their start.

So, if you want to get a sneak peek at what country music has to offer, then this is the festival for you. But, it is only available in September, so get your tickets soon.


If you were trying to find a city that is as fun as Nashville, it would be nearly impossible. Nashville is one of the best cities you go to when you want to have a good time. Everywhere you go, you will find more live music than you have ever seen, and this makes for a city worth visiting and enjoying, you will not regret it.

As expressed, Nashville is a city of tourists. Walking the streets of Nashville is like walking into the biggest country music concert that you have ever seen. Visiting each of these massive tourist destinations at these times will leave you in shock and awe.