5 Tips To Find The Best TV For Your Room

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Best TV for your Room – With summer setting in, you may be tempted to buy a new TV for your home given the many sales and discounts available. However, with a variety of TVs available in the market that fit different budgets and meet every need, there are quite a few factors that you must take into consideration when shopping for a new TV.

Finding the right TV for your room is an important task as it can either enhance or dampen your entertainment experience. So, take a look at this guide that will help you choose the best TV for your room.

LCD TV versus LED TV

When buying a TV, first decide whether you want to buy an LCD TV or an LED TV. In order to make a decision, understand how both these TV technologies are different from each other. LED TVs are a subset of LCD TVs. Best TV for your Room While an LCD TV uses CFL for backlight, the former uses LED. Since the backlight in LCD TVs is always on, blacks don’t appear as intense as they should.

However, certain LED TVs use local dimming to produce darker blacks by cutting down on the amount of light, when necessary. However, LED TVs to consume less power and have a brighter display, a thinner panel, and emit lesser heat when compared to LCD TVs. As a result, it is important to weigh these parameters and then make a choice that suits your viewing needs best.

Best TV for your Room

TV screen size

The next step is to decide on appropriate screen size. The ideal TV should have a screen size that blends in well with the room you will place it in. When choosing the size of your TV screen, factor in the number of viewers who will watch the TV simultaneously and the placement of the new set.
Best TV for your Room Then, opt for a TV with the largest screen size and an economical price tag. Note that you sit too far, you may probably miss out on the details and if you sit too close, you will be able to view individual pixels, which isn’t any good either. So keep the distance from where you’ll watch the TV in mind.

If you want to buy an LED TV, the ideal distance between the TV and your seating area should not be more than 4 feet. This is applicable if the LED TV’s screen size isn’t more than 32 inches. Similarly, the recommended distance is 7 feet for TVs with screen sizes between 40 inches and 48 inches. On the other hand, for a 55-inch or 65-inch LED TV, the minimum distance should be of 9 feet. So, don’t make a decision before measuring your room.

Best TV for your Room

Not all HD LED TVs to offer full HD, 1080 pixel resolution. In fact, some HD ready TVs have a 720-pixel resolution. Naturally, TVs with the former cost more. However, it is totally worth it to buy a full HD TV as you can enjoy better picture quality and enhanced viewing experience. These TVs are also ideal for small rooms, if you watch a lot of movies and if you play games. In contrast, HD ready TVs are best if you use a set-top box.

Connectivity options

If you are someone who wants more from life and watches more than just what the set-top box offers, you should not hesitate to buy a TV that supports multiple connectivity options. Best TV for your Room Ensure that your chosen TV has connectivity ports such as USB ports, HDMI, 3.5mm audio jack, and other AV ports. Having Bluetooth and built-in Wi-Fi can also make TV more useful.

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