Procedure For Attestation Of Birth Certificates In The UAE

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Procedure for Attestation of Birth Certificates in the UAE – There are some people who are ambiguous about whether they can attest the birth documents in UAE or not. Well, in actual, the birth certificate attestation in UAE is totally allowed.

Birth Certificate

It is an official document which is issued on the birth of the person. The main reason behind issuing the document is to identify the person by its name, place, gender, parentage, date of birth and more.

Birth certificates attestation in UAE

This type of attestation is verified by the respective authorities. This document basically confirms the birth of a person at a particular place on a particular date. All the essential details regarding the birth of the person are mentioned in this certificate. Due to testing the document of birth, it is made sure that the issued certificate is not only genuine but also authenticated by the authorities as well.

Why is birth certificates important?

There are a lot of uses of birth certificates and that is why it is very important while going for admission to the educational institutions for your child, you must have the birth certificate. By attesting the birth certificates, it is witnessed that the originated document is authentic. The authorized departments and authorities sign the document or seal it to authenticate it. In this way, the credibility of the document is made sure.

Uses of Birth certificate attestation in UAE

Here are some of the reasons why you need to get your birth certificate attested in UAE;

  • Forgetting the family visa
  • For getting admission in school
  • For getting admission in foreign countries
  • For getting employment in the UAE
  • For migrating to other countries and so much more.

Procedure for attesting the birth certificate

The country which has issued the document can attest the documents in UAE. The country who has issued the document can attest the document and the holder don’t need to be in that country. To make the documents become eligible to be used in the UAE, it is important to attest the documents by the concerned department. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the corresponding embassy of the country is responsible for attending the documents.

Documents Required for birth certificate attestation;

  • Birth certificate (original)
  • Child’s passport copies or that of his mother or father
  • Visa copy.
  • Photographs (2)
  • Authorisation Letter.

No matter whether the person who wants to authorise the documents is present in his country or not. He can still attest his documents

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