Top 5 Bluetooth Accessories That You Must Own

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Top 5 Bluetooth Accessories That You Must Own. 2014 is seeing a drastic revolution in the Bluetooth market with headphones and speakers that are defying the usual trends and coming up with jaw-dropping varieties that are bound to give any other headphone and speaker a run for its money. With the wireless systems gaining top priority among the masses, a list has been compiled to include the best Bluetooth accessories of 2014. To get full access to the complete range, you can also visit and familiarise yourself with the glut of Bluetooth accessories that are likely to make headlines this 2014.

Bose Soundlink Mini:

When it comes to a Bluetooth speaker, nothing works best like the Bose Soundlink Mini. It retails at $199 in the markets and is essentially worth every penny that you are likely to spend towards its purchase. Although it is a smaller version of what you would otherwise find in the markets, at a measly 1.5 pounds, it is much powerful than most other Bluetooth or even the normal speakers that may be available in the market. It is sturdy and poses no difficulty in terms of usage. It has a massive 7-hour battery life with a hassle-free charging system. 

Motorola Roadster

This is a Bluetooth device that has been created especially for those who wish to enjoy a long car drive with an excellent handsfree calling and music experience, not to mention the fact that it is extremely affordable at just $94. It weighs just 3.5 ounces but is packed with several powerful features and is easily one of the best Bluetooth devices for your car. When using this device, you have 2 options at your disposal wherein you can either choose to run the music or the call through the speakers provided by the device or use the FM transmitter feature and play the music or the call through the car’s stereo. 

Phiaton Chord MS530:

This is one of the best noise-canceling headphones that is likely to make news this 2014. Retailing at a massive $349, it possesses the features of the Bluetooth 4.0 as well as noise cancellation which can be used for a staggering 18 hours at one go. It boasts of a sleek design and along with the wireless feature, it also comes prepared with wires in case the battery life gets drained. 

IK Multimedia iLoud:

This is a Bluetooth speaker system that has been designed specifically for those who have an inclination towards music or perform at local gigs. It boasts of 3-inch woofers on either side of the speaker coupled with a 40 W amplifier and retails at $299.99. When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, the IK Multimedia iLoud boasts of a sound quality that is extremely crystal clear. If you are performing, all you need to do is plug in your microphone or your guitar into the slot available and you are good to go. It also has a decent 10-hour battery life. 

Ivation Hipo HIP-400:

If you love to put on a show in the shower and love your daily ritual of singing and moving your body to foot-tapping music while you bathe, then this is the Bluetooth speaker device that you must purchase. It has been designed to withstand not just splashes or drops of water but it can also survive if drenched in the water for hours together. It lasts for a massive 25 hours without charging and also possesses the features of a speakerphone. 

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