Books That Are Going on Your Sister’s Bookshelf on her Birthday

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Is your sister someone who loves reading books daily? If yes, then the best thing that you can give to this bookworm on her birthday would be a book for sure. If you also have a sister who is the dearest for you, then you need to make sure that she is the happiest one on this day. There are many things that you can do on her birthday. From cutting a delicious birthday cake to delighting her with plenty of gifts; you can do a lot of stuff for her.

However, gifts become very special when they are related to the recipient’s choices. This is why we suggest you give the best novels to your bookworm sister. So, let us now see which the best book that you can give her is.

Practice Magic – Alice Hoffman

If you have grown up with a cool elder sister who has been very kind towards you, then this book is what you have to give her. This Alice Hoffman’s book, Practical Magic, which is a story of two sisters who happen to be amazing witches share an amicable relationship. It revolves around how the younger sister gets into a problem. Then, the big sister arrives to help her get rescued by the younger one from this situation.  

Little Women – Louisa May Alcott

Little Women is a remarkable story of two sisters who have been with each other tough the entire thick and thin together. Although you might be currently reading this book with your friend, it may signify more when you do this with your sister. Make sure you get her a newly designed beautiful copy for your sister. It is better that you remind your sister that you can keep up with her for life in every condition.

Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell

This fantastic novel is about two sisters named Wren and Cath who are going to the same university and have very different life experiences. Cath is not at all sure if she wishes to quit her fanfare of Simon Snow behind or move into the actual world. Wren does not want to be her friend because she needs to stay away from the fanbase.  This is a story that will bring the two of you closer and make your bond stronger.

I’ll Give You the Sun – Jandy Nelson

This story is about two siblings Jude and Noah who perpetually see the world in an entirely different manner. Whilst also Noah likes to portray everything available around him, whereas Jude decides to start picking up sculpting to calm down her past nagging experience of ghosts. However, in the end, they realize that they’ve always been looking for the same reality.

Just One Day – Gayle Forman

Although this book is not about sisters, however, it will allow them to prepare your sister for getting into colleges, make major choices, and teach her to be on her own without your support. It is the tale of Allyson Healey, a teenage girl who is losing all her dreams for a man while she is in Europe.

These were some books that you can get for your dear sister on her special day. You can place an order for these books from any of the online websites. Other than this, you can also send cake online on your sister’s birthday through the best cake shop. She will be surprised to see how much you love her and what are the efforts that you make for her. Let us not miss a chance to delight our siblings in the best way possible.