8 Ideas to Boost Stamina For Ultra Runners

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8 Ideas to Boost Stamina For Ultra Runners. To achieve your goal of increasing stamina you need to take care of your muscles in order to perform well in your every training. When it comes to taking care of your muscles your body needs to be warmed up unconditionally before you start your training. Stretching and warming up properly will prevent muscle strain and get your muscles ready for a heavy workout.

You will notice a drastic difference in performance when you are warmed up properly. While warming up before training is important, stretching to relax your muscles after a workout is equally important. It keeps your muscles relaxed and doesn’t let the stiffness in muscles accumulate.

One of the best stretches for your legs is a butterfly stretch. Doing it only requires a few simple steps as explained in this Protalus guide.

Increase training gradually To Boost Stamina

It is always a good idea to increase your training slowly and steadily rather than putting all the strain on your muscles at once and then sit at home healing your muscles for days or even weeks afterward. Instead, make goals and set the new targets at regular intervals after getting your body accustomed to your current training. It will let you increase your stamina without having any strain on your body, and without having long recovery periods.

Concentrate On Breathing And Listen to Music

When It comes to running longer distances it is not easy for everyone to focus and achieve long-distance goals. Concentrating on your breathing and getting into rhythm makes it easier for you to run longer. Try to match the pace of your breathing with your running speed and count how many steps you take every time you inhale and exhale.

You can also try to listen to music, which acts as a motivational source while running. Listening to music and counting your breaths will distract you from your muscle pain and will let you to even longer than usual. You can even assemble a playlist with music beats that match the pace you want to keep while running.

Tempo Runs

Tempo running is when you place your body in between your maximum effort and very low effort. It is basically running fast in your comfort zone. This method enhances your stamina a lot by training your body to process lactic acid. It builds muscle fibers to let you achieve speed and stamina. However, how long and how much time you do this before training varies with your goals.

Interval Running

Interval running gives you time to heal in between your running. This strategy includes jogging and fast walking in between intervals of speedrunning which lets you heal without stopping your training and keeps your body warmed up for running again. However, the timing of your intervals varies from person to person where beginners usually take long intervals in between their running training and ultra runners take very short intervals. It is a unique way to improve your stamina and you can cover long distances every time you train.

Cross Train

It is always a good idea to cross-train your body with different activities besides only running. Activities like biking, swimming, weightlifting, pull-ups, etc. at regular intervals strengthen your body and muscles. Cross-training also prevents your body from plateauing by continually stimulating your muscles in new ways. This will promote continual growth in your muscles which will lead to boost stamina.

Rest And Recover With a Planned Diet

Putting your body into an intense running program without any rest and recovery plan is not a good idea. Giving your muscles a break to heal and recover not only lets you perform well every time but also helps you to increase your stamina. Give your body at least 7 hours of sleep every day. It is also recommended that you schedule a day every week where you skip your running routine or maybe do some other light exercises to let your muscles relax and heal.

Since food works as a fuel in the human body it is always important to pay attention to your diet and include all necessary nutrients and avoid fatty food to strengthen your muscles and build your stamina. You may also want to look into adding a stamina supplement to your diet on your workout days to give your body a boost and maximize each run.

Plyometrics Training

Workouts involving high-velocity movements and intense calorie burn it is also known as explosive exercises. All athletes incorporate plyometrics exercises in their training to improve VO2, oxygen utilization during exercise, and strength. It includes Jumping rope, Skipping drills, Box jumps, Burpees, squat jumps, Jumping lunges, etc.

One study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research says that by opting six weeks of plyometric exercise runners improved their 2.4-km run time by approximately 3.9%. Eventually, incorporating plyometrics exercises in your training program will make you feel lighter and faster while running which in return helps you to develop your stamina.