Tips for Better Recovery After a Breast Reconstruction Surgery

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After a mastectomy or a lumpectomy, breast reconstruction restores the breast. Breast reconstruction surgery may be divided into two broad categories: You may utilize your tissue from another part of your body to restore your breasts using flap reconstructions. Saline or silicone implants may be necessary for implant reconstruction. Surgery for breast cancer and reconstruction might be performed simultaneously or later. Consider looking for the best East Windsor, NJ, breast reconstructive surgeon for your procedure. Likewise, following these guidelines will help you return to your pre-reconstruction lifestyle.

For at least six weeks after surgery, refrain from wearing underwire bras

There is a medical reason to avoid underwires following breast reconstruction surgery, which you generally would not do anyhow. Aside from making your breasts feel bloated and sore, underwire bras may irritate your skin and inflame your surgical scars, making them more vulnerable to infection. Your discomfort and recovery may be hindered further by the friction caused by the wire running along your sutures.

When your body is healing, it is best to wear a sports bra or a bra with just light support so that the bra’s wires cause no pressure spots. Wait for10 weeks following surgery for your wounds to heal fully before going back to underwire if at all feasible.

Rest and sleep well

Some patients find it challenging to get enough rest throughout their breast reconstruction recovery, even though it seems like a no-brainer. Make sure you have a peaceful place to relax for the first few days. Propping oneself up at the right angle is easy if you have a good supply of pillows. You may kill time by watching DVDs, reading books, or reading publications. After surgery, you will be able to get out of bed and begin to restore your strength. As you recover, remember to pay attention to your body’s signals and get lots of rest.

Fill your fridge with healthy options

After surgery, you will need to take some time off. Your surgeon does not want you to spend this time in the kitchen cooking. After surgery, you will be limited in your ability to lift and reach, among other things. So that you can concentrate on recuperating and not on cooking supper for your loved ones, it is essential to keep a fridge packed with fresh, nutritious prepared meals and snacks.

Dehydration may occur if you eat a lot of take-out food high in salt. Invite your family and friends to help out in the kitchen by preparing nutritious casseroles and salads or by taking turns in the kitchen.

For pain treatment, follow your doctor’s advice

After breast reconstruction, your doctor will likely prescribe narcotic pain medicines to help you deal with the discomfort. It is possible to get addicted to these medications, but they are essential to your rehabilitation process. Make sure you follow the directions on your pain medicine label strictly. Reduce your risk of dependency by carefully following your doctor’s recommendations. Contact your doctor if your medication is not managing your pain. An infection or other problem might be the cause.

If you are considering breast reconstruction, you have likely been thinking about it for some time. You may feel some discomfort and swelling for a few weeks following your breast reconstruction, although this may vary from person to person. Patience is essential throughout this period. In time, your new breasts will begin to form and settle in, and your patience will pay off. 

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