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Brick Veneers and Their Advantages over Traditional Brick Panels

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What are Brick Veneers?

Most old building architectures are made with solid masonry where strong and heavy brick units make up the building structure. Although this kind of building structure is much more durable, if you are looking for insulation capabilities then Solid Masonry is not an option for you. As per the modern house architecture, the designing is based on the insulation capacity of a place. This is what brick veneers are for.

A Brick Veneer is also made of clay but it has a specialty that it is much thinner than the traditional brick design. It is lightweight, easily installed yet is still as durable as any other wall panel material. People are moving towards brick veneers because these wall panels are much more cost-effective and offer great insulation capabilities.

Advantages over Traditional Brick Panels: –

Over the past few years, we have seen a huge number of people shifting over to Brick panel for their home construction projects. Here are some of the advantages that the brick veneers have over Traditional Brick Panels.    

Takes Much Less time and Cost

The most attractive benefit of thin brick walls is that they are quite affordable as compared with traditional brick units. Brick Veneers are made with much less material so there construction cost is quite low. Also, being light-weight, brick veneer panels are easily installed as compared with traditional brick walls. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution to the wall panels of your home then brick veneers are the way to go.   

Weighs A lot less than traditional brick units

These brick units weigh a lot less, so the transportation costs are also quite less. This feature makes brick veneers safe to use on the construction side as well. The effort required by the installers is also much less than the traditional brick units. Overall, brick veneers offer a much simpler solution to your wall panel needs.  

Easy Installation and maintenance

There is no high level of skill or certification required for the installation of these wall panels. Even you can easily take care of the job. If you like doing small maintainers of your place by yourself then you can easily install these brick veneers as well. The installation doesn’t require extra support for holding the bricks and just one layer of masonry is enough to hold the structure.

Great Style Options

Brick Veneers save your extra decoration cost as well. Unlike traditional clay bricks, you can get designed brick veneers that go well with the aesthetics of your place. Some manufacturers allow you to come up with custom designs for brick veneer wall panels for you home or commercial areas. The style options that you get with Brick Veneer are pretty great. Plus, there is the added benefit of insulation features that keep your place safe and sound during all seasons.

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