Bus Southern Africa tips

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The sub-region of Southern Africa is very diverse, speaking a big range of languages, ranging from Bantu dialects to Portuguese, Afrikaans and German. The southernmost region of the African continent is also famous for its charming landscapes and natural treasures. Activities ranging from adventurous escapades such as taking part in Scuba and safaris diving in the reefs to laid back gateway like wine tasting and sandcastle building on charming beaches. Here are some of the best of bus southern Africa tips to travel:

South Africa bus tips

All but the most rural parts of the country can be reached by bus using 1 of the 3 key companies: Greyhound, Intercape, and Translux. Buses in South Africa are safe and affordable, and they generally have AC and onboard toilet. Intercape boasts a Seelpiner fleet with seats that recline 150 degrees – a best choice for long overnight trips. Note that Intercape promotes the Christian faith on its buses with bus tickets South Africa, which may involve a prayer at the begin of the journey, as well as religious movies and Christian music.

Why you should visit south Africa.


People assume that holidays in south africa are expensive because of the travel cost. However, once you reach there, the place is quite affordable due to south africa’s weak economy.

Now, if someone decides to go on a high end trip like a safari tour, then expenses are bound to follow. However there are many destinations where you dont have to break your pocket. Like most national parks are affordable where visitors and travelers have to cater for themselves. That or you can go for a hike or simple visit the beaches, since these places are budget friendly and have no cost attached to them.

The entire south african region is a food paradise since it’s very cheap. If you want to tip generously, you tip nearly a quarter of the total amount. Good coffee fans would appreciate the delicious flat whites which merely cost 2 dollars. This doesn’t mean there aren’t options for high end fine dining. For foreigners who want high end food, there are many five star restaurants. The other affordavle options are for the sout africans who aren’t very keen on spending the US dollar.

There are more nationals parks to visit than the kruger park.

If you’re a fan of nature, you’d definitely love national parks and the kruget park offers exactly that, its known for being a habitat to dozens of elephants.  Other than this, the green iSimangaliso Wetland Park, which is a protected place is a home to many amphibians like the crocodiles and hippos. You can also see many water residing birds like the  flamingos and pelicans. The northern part of the region is a habitat to many land animals like the wild dog, cheeta and hyennas.

Zimbabwe bus tips

There are two types of local buses: local and express. Regular express bus service run according to published timetables from Johannesburg to Bulwayo and Harare and several bus firms also run direct buses to Malawi, Blantyre, and between Bulawayo and Harare. There is no public transport from Victoria falls to Botswana, but taxi will take visitors to the border and some hotels in Victoria falls can arrange transfers.

Local buses with bus tickets Zimbabwe generally depart when full from the township market outside the center of a town. These are old public buses, generally enveloped in a black cloud of diesel exhaust fumes that stop at every intersection and carry almost every item from sofas to wheelbarrows.

Mozambique bus tips

The capital Maputo is simply reached by frequent daily buses from and to Johannesburg in South Africa, taking about eight to nine hours through the busy Ressano/Komatipoort border crossing. Nelspruit and Pretoria can be reached as well as from Maputo. Check InterCape Mainliner, Greyhound, Translux, and Panthera Azul to check and match schedules and bus tickets Mozambique . Panthera has buses to Durban via Swaziland.

Minibusses go from Tete to Changara and on to Nyamapanda, where are buses to Harare. You can also travel directly through Blantyre and by bus to Harare, again crossing the border with Mozambique via Tete.