Calisthenics Training – The Perfect Alternative To The Gym

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Callisthenics street workout is a discipline that has emerged on the world stage relatively recently. It’s a combination of various other disciplines such as gymnastics and breakdance – but ultimately has its own style, community, and competitive scene. 

Callisthenics, also known as a street workout, come from eastern European countries but has since infected every part of the world. Its contagious energy, impressive performance and gravity-defying tricks quickly transformed it from an underground movement to internationally recognised sport. 

The main premise of callisthenics

At the core of it, callisthenics is a bodyweight regiment that aims to master the movement. It’s about strength as much as it is about skill, showmanship and self-expression. The foundations of callisthenics are rooted in bodyweight training and specific exercises of the upper body – pull-ups, push-ups, muscle-ups, pistol squats. 

Advanced callisthenics moves away from repetition-based exercises and instead focuses on statics and dynamics. Statics, which is the strongest element of callisthenics, is dominated by positional freezes called static holds. These require superhuman strength and involve suspending the body in gravity-defying holds such as the human flag, planche and front lever.

Dynamics, also called callisthenics freestyle, are momentum-based elements that are more about skill and self-expression. These elements are combined to create ‘bar flow’ routines. Dynamics are combined with statics at the competitive level resulting in the most breathtaking combo strings in any sport to date. 

Why it’s more appealing than the gym?

So many people are bored of the gym. This is because the gym represents a chore that needs to do be done to remain in shape. Well, what if I told you training could be fun and different every time you trained?

What if instead of completing the same repetitions every time you worked out, you were working on creative elements of movement. What if I told you the results you would get from the latter would be better?

Training need not be a chore, and callisthenics can make it truly something you look forward to. Callisthenics training is skill-orientated and allows you to be as creative as you want. 

What the best way to start training callisthenics?

Like in anything, callisthenics requires a solid foundation. This is achieved by building strength, body awareness, endurance and by becoming comfortable in various positions in relation to the bar – especially upside down! 

The primary goal should always be a strength, as without strength everything else becomes a lot harder than it should be. Upper body strength – push, pull both vertical and horizontal are indispensable for a good foundation.

 In addition, core strength is super important. The core is made up of postural and stabilising muscles that assist your larger muscles in achieving desired movements. In callisthenics, the core is especially important as it’s required for manoeuvring efficiently around the bar. 

Once a strong foundation is laid, you can walk into the exciting world of statics and dynamics. This is where callisthenics really begins. Statics and dynamics represent a completely new challenge, but there is also more room for risk. Unlike foundational elements, statics and dynamics are very technical and require a higher level of knowledge. 

Hiring a personal trainer

Personal trainers can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your training. If you want to improve quickly and practice callisthenics safely, it’s important to get guidance. Street Workout St Kilda offers callisthenics personal training in St Kilda. We are some of the most qualified, experienced and knowledgeable in the industry. 

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