Can I Wear A Maxi Skirt If I’m Short And Petite?

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Are you considering wearing a petite maxi skirt for the first time? Why walk around while you can easily get an amazing gorgeous maxi skirt that fits your budget on the These skirts have been around for quite a while and are now a favourite amongst many stylish petite women. There are so many ways to wear a maxi skirt and put the look together without looking swamped with extra fabric. Here are four important considerations to make

Choose The Right Fabric

Maxi skirts are usually worn during summer when the temperatures are quite high. For this reason, it’s highly advisable that you choose a natural fabric that’s breathable like cotton, silk, or linen. Such fabrics make the skirts ideal for vacationing to humid areas where we’re likely to sweat a lot.

Petite maxi skirts made with lace are also flattering to short ladies because they’re light and see-through which has an elongating effect to make the legs look taller.

The Length Matters

The length needs to be right for a maxi dress to look good on a petite woman. The skirt should at least reach the ankles or hit the floor to make the woman’s legs look the longest. Both lengths work pretty well depending on the occasion for which you’re dressing up for, the style of the skirt, and the type of shoes you plan on wearing. However, you should be very careful about the length; if the skirt is dragging on the floor, there a danger of tripping and falling.

If you’re looking for something that will not make it difficult for you as you walk, make sure that the hem of the skirt is slightly above your shoes. The length that you should avoid completely is one above your ankles as that will make your legs look cut off.

The Color and Pattern Matter Too

Petite women always look good in maxi skirts that have monochromatic colors and prints. This is a really flattering style for petite women on all kinds of clothing – it doesn’t just apply to maxi skirts. Monochromatic schemes are also very easy to accessorize/ For example, you can pair the skirt with a plain-color bag such as the new look brown bag.

If you decide to go for prints, avoid those that are “screaming” or too big. Otherwise, you’ll look swamped in too many prints considering that the skirts will cover more than half of your body. 

Also, you can never go wrong with vertical patterns. The easiest to pull off are vertical stripes that extend downwards. These are so effective in elongating your legs and creating an illusion of height.

What You Pair The Skirt With Makes or Breaks The Look

What you pair the top with is equally as important as the skirt itself.

For the top, wear a crop top. This will positively influence the proportion of the entire outfit. Considering that the skirt takes up two-thirds of your body, the crop top will make up no longer than the remaining a third of your body.

For the shoes, it’s highly recommended that you wear a skirt with a pair of high heels. These will make you look extra taller. 


Petite maxi skirts are not the easiest to pull off and it is a popular belief that short women only look good in short skirts and not in long skirts. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We believe that petite women can also wear maxi skirts as well – if worn correctly, the skirt elongates their petite figure to look very flattering. We hope that this piece gave you some tips and tricks to help you wear long skirts well and achieve the elongating effect.