Can You Buy Reviews While Selling on Amazon?

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Let’s be honest: the concept of authenticity is one of the things that we take into account while partnering up with other companies, selling and shopping online, making friends and getting married. In our life authenticity is what truly matters, and maybe that’s why we,  human beings, are so unique. 

Authenticity – this is what truly matters. And to be honest, it is also one of those things that are highly appreciated on Amazon! So, if you’re  by any chance an Amazon seller and need some useful tips, here’s the first tip – be authentic! 

“Now, Can I Buy Reviews or Not?”

Nope, you can’t! The whole point of talking about authenticity is that you have to be authentic and real in everything you do. For example, you should sell authentic products, offer authentic and realistic prices, authentic customer service and of course, receive authentic reviews from authentic customers! Too much of the word “authentic,” we know! 


Well, there are two main reasons for which you cannot sell on Amazon, and here they are:

  1. It’s forbidden! The platform itself says that you will have serious problems as a seller! This is what Amazon says about the reviews, ratings and feedback:
    1. You may not attempt to influence or inflate customers’ ratings, feedback, and reviews. You may request feedback and reviews from your own customers in a neutral manner, but may not:

      Pay for or offer an incentive (such as coupons or free products) in exchange for providing or removing feedback or reviews
      Ask customers to write only positive reviews or ask them to remove or change a review
      Solicit reviews only from customers who had a positive experience
      Review your own products or a competitors’ products
  1. Amazon is all about providing high-quality customer service. If you buy some reviews for your listings and provide poor service or damaged products in the end, the reviews simply won’t match the reality and Amazon will take actions to punish you!
  2. What’s more, Amazon is always working on its punishment system! This means that together with changing technologies, Amazon improves the operations that take place on the marketplace and gradually perfects the identify-suspend techniques! Now, Amazon has extremely powerful software that is able to immediately identify any Amazon suspension and fly-by-night activities done by you!

    The formula is simple: you find a “reliable” review generating service, contact them and buy some positive reviews. At the same time, this software relentlessly works and immediately identifies something wrong! It understands that your listings start getting reviews out of the blue, and what’s more, the flow of these “satisfied” and “positive” reviews is, as a rule, uncontrollable! This is when the software immediately deactivates your selling privileges and this is when the hell starts!

    In addition, if you have poor sales history and somehow get thousands of Amazon products reviews, even without its software, Amazon would identify an issue!

What Do You Think?

Now that you’ve been given this information on a silver platter, what do you really think? Is buying reviews worth it?  Are you ready to sacrifice your Amazon seller account? Which one is better: having seemingly positive reviews, attracting customers and suddenly getting suspended or acting fairly, growing gradually and achieving success? 

We know, finding your Amazon account suspended is not the best thing to have in your life, but it can be easily circumvented! Just don’t buy reviews, that’s it!