Can You Do Court Reporting School Online?

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If you are fresh out of high school and looking for career prospects, becoming a certified court reporter offers a rewarding profession with an excellent compensation package. Similarly, should you feel like shifting careers, this job can provide you with many great opportunities for career growth. However, a Court Reporting Boca Raton, FL professional, said that embarking on this career path takes time, commitment, and hard work. If you feel determined to become a certified court reporting professional, fret not. With the advent of technology, you can now go to court reporting school online. 

Court Reporting Education Overview

A court reporting Boca Raton, FL firm shared that several technical schools and colleges offer online classes in the Sunshine State. You can choose a track that gives you a certificate or an associate degree. The former offers the shortest possible study of around 28 months. However, an associate degree in court reporting assures, you can command a higher pay rate because this ascertains proficiency and more experience.

Again, depending on your chosen education path, studying online allows you to complete your course from 28 months to three years. You will enjoy classes that provide theories on shorthand. Additionally, they brief you on legal proceedings and lexicon. Above all, these schools provide tons of practice so you can type using the steno machine with super speed. Of course, with rigorous training, accuracy, precision, and keen attention to detail are never compromised.

Top Three Online Schools in the Sunshine State 

If you are looking for top online schools, a court reporting Boca Raton, FL professional shared the top three programs within the state. Looking for online schools within the area assures, you can fully comply with all the regulations of the federal government. Take a look at these three schools with online components below:

  1. Atlantic Technical College

This facility actually owns a real-life campus in Coconut Creek. However, if you don’t like traditional classes and prefer flexibility, you can take their online court reporter program, which is accredited by the National Court Reporting Association (NCRA). Their online courses will take you 28 months to complete. Furthermore, it consists of 3 parts, which you must finish following the right sequence. These three segments include the following:

  • 1st Level court reporting with 750 hours of lessons
  • 2nd Level court reporting with 600 hours of lessons
  • 3rd Level court reporting with 1,500 hours of lessons

You will enjoy the online classes as they prove to be dynamic and enriching. A court reporting Boca Raton, FL veteran reporter shares that the courses include: use of real-time technology, legal lexicon, steno theory, and court procedural lessons. Once you complete the required online classes, you can immediately take a credential test and begin practicing this profession. 

Noteworthy, this track allows you to earn 27 Broward College credits, which you can use to complete an associate’s degree in Industrial Management Technology. You need the following to pursue further studies, which again assures higher pay grades:

  • Court reporting transcriptionist program certificate 
  • 2-year additional classes
  • Paying a little more than nine thousand dollars for tuition and miscellaneous fees
  1. Key College

The court reporting program of Key College in the Sunshine State assures you get the finest education. In fact, they hold the tag of being one of the best court reporting schools in the United States. You can try their associate in science degree in court reporting or get a certificate. According to a court reporting Boca Raton, FL firm shared that this school offers online education apart from the traditional resident track. Hence, you can pick the online version to ensure you can work for your classes around your own schedule. 

Best of all, this facility is accredited by the NCRA. With a national shortage of highly-trained court reporters, you can feel assured to have access to high-income potential once you graduate. This school assures you develop the following:

  • Proficiency to pass the required state exams
  • Achieve a speed level of 225 words per minute and answer Testimony
  • Earn 200 words per minute in Jury Charge
  • Garner at least 180 words per minute in Literary Dictation
  • All students are required to pass the speed test before going up a level
  • Students have free access to a coach for daily practice sessions
  1. Sheridan Technical Center

This learning institute belongs to the Broward County of Public Schools in Florida. Though they have an address in Hollywood, FL, their court reporting program consists mainly of online courses approved by the NCRA. If you choose this school, you must complete 2,850 hours of classes that teach steno theory, medical jargon, legal lexicon, machine shorthand, and more. Pertinent details you need to know include:

  • Earn an accredited Online Court Reporting Transcriptionist and Court Reporting Certificate
  • Classes take approximately three years to complete. 
  • Prepare an estimated $2,400 for in-state students and $8,700 for out-of-state online learners

Other Criteria That Can Amplify a Court Reporter’s Career 

The above-mentioned programs assure that students get the right fundamentals and theories they need to excel in this career. According to a court reporting Boca Raton, FL certified reporter, the online school prepares you with the knowledge and skills to feel confident in this profession. In fact, once you complete your programs, you can earn your certification from the Florida Court Reporter Certification Board. This credential boosts your credibility and authority.

Furthermore, you can also take an additional test from the NCRA. Having this certification makes you more marketable. You can also seek higher pay per hour when you show that you could pass all the stringent examinations. Seeking certification mandates, you comply with the following:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Show a high school diploma 
  • Supply credentials from your court reporting school
  • Possess good moral character 
  • Pass all the required examinations

To maintain your certification, you need to pay yearly fees to renew your membership. Additionally, you must have at least 30 units of continuing education every 3 years. Noteworthy, if you possess a certificate from a different state and have an NCRA certificate, you can seek an exam waiver for the Florida test. 

Final Wrap Up

Attending a court reporting school online assures, you have a great income-earning opportunity. More importantly, attending a good school means you can accurately transcribe data, whether it’s a courtroom legal proceeding, a business meeting, or a media show that needs closed-captioning. Best of all, since this career path allows you to help many people, it assures you will feel a deep sense of fulfillment.