Cannabis Smokes

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Cannabis is an ever growing industry with more companies getting their foot in the door than ever before. If you are looking for quality however, the products from Lowell Farms are a cut above the rest.

What are Smokes?

Smoke is a rather broad term that can apply to both traditional tobacco products and cannabis products. Smokes in general refers to items that can be smoked like pre-roll smokes. Lowell Farms has a huge range of smokes that are pre-rolled and ready to go and that are also in vape form for those that might not want to smoke a traditional joint. Lowell Farms offers a huge range of smokes that all come in recyclable materials, natural packing materials, matches with every pack and a collectible sticker with each box.

Lowell 1g singles are packaged in glass tubes that are entirely recyclable and they are rolled only with the finest cannabis flower for the most intense high and the most pleasant experience. The high quality smokes are perfect for those that want only the best ingredients, the purest smokes, and the best overall experience when it comes to their cannabis. You can get pre-rolled smokes from Lowell Farms that come in both eighth and quarter packs depending on your preference. They also have cannabis vape oil.

Types of Smokes

There are tons of different types of smokes and Lowell Farms has them all. Their high quality and high potency smokes come in Indica, Satvia, and hybrid blends so that you can find the smoke that is best for you. You can get smokes that are 20% THC, 17% THC, 29% THC and more. All smokes are hand crafted and are made with the best quality that is organically and sustainable grown so that you can be sure your smokes are going to smoke easy and smoothly.

Lowell Farms is in a huge range of stores, over 300 to be exact, and they also deliver. Finding a great farm is a beautiful thing and Lowell Farms has a huge range of cannabis so that you can choose the smoke and the cannabis that is going to work best for you. They also have a range of cannabis oils and other same products so that you can find what works best for you needs.

The First Ever Cannabis Café

Lowell Farms is also happy to announce that the first ever cannabis café will be open on September 24th, 2019. The Lowell Farms: A Café is ready to open and it has some truly amazing things to offer. From a world class kitchen lead by Chef Andrea Drummer to a cannabis lounge that is supplied with the top notch cannabis from Lowell Farms, this West Hollywood café is something to marvel at.

This is the first ever and only legal café and it is set to do wonderful things. If you are looking for a fantastic café that has top notch food but also has great products, this is the place for you. The kitchen and the dining room are technically separate from the lounge but the visitors to the lounge can enjoy the food from the kitchen while they smoke some of the finest cannabis in California.

If you are looking for high quality smokes, top notch products, and cannabis products that are made from the finest cannabis, Lowell Farms is a wonderful place to start. With the best cannabis around and a new cutting edge café, Lowell Farms is at the top of the cannabis game and they are going to continue to grow.