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The Singaporean economy is quite rich and settled in a manner to give both business employers and accounting professionals the option to establish their projects and generate revenue. This is the primary reason why so many international candidates flock in each year to study ACCA course Singapore, and ultimately take up an accounting profession that can truly pay off in the future!

Undergoing a professional accountancy course in Singapore will help you learn how to communicate effectively with both your superiors and clients, a trait that is very much appreciated by regulators in this increasingly complex business world. Let’s jump into the reasons why you should study ACCA in Singapore and the wide array of career opportunities that are available for you.


The basic entry-level requirement for the position of auditor usually calls for an ACCA certification or membership. You can also tread upon the auditing pathway by showcasing a master’s or bachelor’s degree in accounting, with a specialisation in auditing.

Opting for an ACCA preparatory course from Singapore will allow you to learn about the best accounting procedures and become proficient at reviewing and advising clients or the company management regarding the brand’s financial health. Your primary responsibility as an auditor within a business form would be to carefully examine the transactions and finances of an organisation in great detail and provide counsel to independent parties in the event of external audits.

Chief finance officer

This C-suit position requires you to be an expert at leading and managing people effectively, demonstrating your extensive experience in both finance and accounting every day at work. This job profile is related to positions like vice president of accounting or financial controller, the primary goal being to maintain the financial well-being of the entire business.

Besides giving you a good grasp of management-related topics such as economics, accounting and business administration, online courses also prepare you for senior management roles in top companies.

Tax accountant

These professionals are looked upon by potential clients and the brand management teams to provide expert advice to limit tax liabilities internationally and locally, as well as adhere to the updated tax laws under the jurisdiction that the business operates. Taking up this role will make you accountable for framing complex tax planning for large companies and preparing tax returns for the upcoming annual audit.

Completing a certificate course in ACCA from Singapore will not only lead to more job opportunities and higher salaries but also allow you to pick up essential roles within corporate houses. It is for the same very reason that accounting is considered a valuable profession no matter where you are located on the globe, with a Singaporean ACCA qualification accelerating the possibility for you to grab employment options within high-ranking brands.

Studying accounting in Singapore will allow you to leverage this versatile training in any business field, making you eligible to apply for jobs in your preferred department, be it sales or marketing. To undergo the much-needed professional training for kick-starting your career path, hop onto our website today!

This article was written by Deblina Dam

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