How to Clean AirPods

Clean AirPods

The iPhone 7, introduced on September 7, 2016, had one big difference. It didn’t have the 3.5 mm jack for headphones. Instead, they offered a new device – AirPods, externally very similar to the usual EarPods, but without wires. At first, many journalists and bloggers were very sceptical about the new gadget. They criticized the design of the charging case, ...

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SAMSUNG NU8000 4K UHD TV You’ve come a long way baby! Said so many of the Camel cigarette ads, so has a contemporary TV if we turn our head and glance backwards. From a resolution of fewer than 480 pixels per square inch TV gradually increasing to 480-720 then 1080 Pixels HD TV to 4K Pixels or more accurately 3840*2160 ...

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Tips on How to Buy a Juicer


Have you been contemplating getting into juicing? It is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for your health. Once you’ve made the decision that you need a juicer, the next challenge will be to get the right product. There are just too many juicers in the market and it can be challenging to make the right decision. In ...

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What Is Smartwatch and How It Can Be Beneficial?


Technology is everywhere and we are relying on it to do many tasks in our lives. Doesn’t matter whether it is an office, home, or any industry, technology has spread its wings over everything. There is also no doubt that it has made lives easier and delivered what it promises to do.  If we talk on the personal front, for ...

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10 Benefits of universal gift cards

The task of gifting has always been tricky unless you know exactly what you want to gift. Otherwise, you will find yourself clueless and anxious. That’s where gift cards come in.  The gift card, also known as a cash card, is a prepaid card. A gift card is only issued either by banks or retail stores serving to be used ...

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How To Keep Your Luggage Organized?


We all love to travel, be it to different cities or countries we all love to travel with our family or even with friends sometimes to enjoy and relax. Sometimes we travel because of some emergency to meet relatives who live far away but travelling is an important part of life, ISNT IT? The most important thing when travelling is ...

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Trolley Styles to Meet Your Shopping Needs

Retail therapy is a real concept. Some people find shopping a way to relieve stress and anxiety. It calms their nerves and soothes their mind. Going to the mall and buying your favourite items can give you a boost in self-confidence and make you happy. On the other hand, people who love cooking adore going to the supermarket to get ...

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7 Things To Consider Before Buying New Speakers


Speakers are a prized possession when it comes to listening to music or watching movies in your home. Speakers play a crucial part in many devices such as mobiles, tablets, television, headphones,  and computer systems with their main purpose being to provide sound to the user. The need for standalone speaker systems is increasing day by day. These range from ...

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How to Choose the Best Gaming Monitor?


A monitor to a gamer is what a Katana to a Samurai – a welding goggle to a welder. If you need to enjoy gaming to the peak, a high performing gaming monitor is a must. A superior quality monitor adds to the overall experience of gaming. Not just that, gamers also have the desire to feel and connect with ...

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