4 Ways Using Social Intranet Software Can Be Good For Your Company

Social Intranet Software

Companies have been using intranet since the mid-90s. Within the last half-decade, intranets have greatly evolved by including relationship-building functionality, social functions, and many other features. It is important to have strong company relationships. The development of these relationships is seen by some as a point of contention. Is it a useful business tool or it is a productivity killer? ...

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Must-Have Technologies for Location-Based Apps

Location Based

In order to create a location based app, you must first figure out what the focus of your app is going to be. Location technology proves to be a very useful feature in just about any type of mobile application, such as Uber, fitness trackers, social media apps, weather forecasts and much more. You’ve got the idea, location-based technology is ...

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Writing Apps: Expectations vs. Reality

Summary – The article highlights the growing trends of writing apps worldwide. It also depicts various expectations vs. reality scenarios that these writing apps are facing. The article focuses on the factors that users must keep in mind while choosing the best writing app. With the beginning of a new decade, writing has gained a lot of prominences. Writing is ...

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Simple Yet Effective Dialer Apps For Android Users

Dialer Apps For Android Users

Simple Yet Effective Dialer Apps For Android Users. Mobile applications are meant to make our tasks efficient and hassle-free. This is one of the main reasons why in every smartphone, there are some pre-installed applications like stock dialers, that are there to fulfill a basic function of the smartphone.  These preinstalled apps that come packed from the manufacturer’s end cannot ...

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The Initial 6 Things To Do As You Upgrade To iOS 13

ios 13

September 19th was indeed a big day for all the iPhone enthusiast since it marks the launch date of iOS 13. The new upgrade associates a host full of premiering updates, features and improvements. Likewise was experienced since onwards the release of iOS 13 it reveled features the entire weeks ahead and many were so anticipated that they wanted to ...

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Feature Analysis—An App Like Tiktok

An App Like Tiktok

Have you ever mimicked an intense scene form your favorite song on TikTok? Most people may have done that. This enthralling music app has been downloaded almost 1.5 billion times globally. It has been growing into an entertainment trend. Last year TikTok had about 500 million monthly active users, this overwhelming number keeps on rising. It wouldn’t be wrong to ...

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Why On-Demand Beauty Services App Are Exorbitantly Popular

Beauty Services App

According to a report conducted in 2017, approximately 81% of the people having a smartphone and this number will jump to 96% at the end of the year 2020. Smartphones connect us to the world there is no doubt about it. Also, it connects customers with businesses, employees with employers, and service seekers with service providers. Apart from this, smartphones ...

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How To Download Videos From YouTube

We all love YouTube right? Well there is no debate in saying that YouTube has emerged out as the king of all video content platforms. YouTube gives you the luxury to enjoy your favorite video content on the go. However, for that, you must be connected to the internet.  Despite of the fact that almost all of us are connected ...

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