Everything You Need To Know About Audi Car

Audi Car

In August 1909, Hoch founded Audi Automobile Welke GmbH, an event that began the history of the Audi brand. In the early stages of the company’s development, the company manufactured power trains and suspensions and then began manufacturing cars in the left-hand drive position. Previously, the steering wheel of all German cars was on the right. More detail is here ...

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Amazing Car Technologies That Are Changing the Auto Industry

Car Technologies

56 percent of Americans interested in buying cars research the technology they want in their car before even visiting a dealership, according to a study by Autotrader. Technology is slowly becoming the deciding factor for buyers selecting a vehicle as more customers demand convenience, reliability, and safety in their cars. From modern infotainment systems to forward-collision warnings, these are some of the ...

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Common Tips How to Read VIN-Reports Correctly

All the future car owners are looking for ways to check car history. Each vehicle has a unique ID number, i.e., VIN. Many governmental agencies, as well as private enterprises, record information about each car. In VIN-reports, all this information is collected together. So, you can find everything in them: the history of the car, information about previous owners and ...

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Top 5 Best-Selling Car Models in Malaysia for 2019


2019 is one really successful year for the automobile industry. Since 2015, the last year is the first one with significant improvement in the number of sales and the total industry volume (TIV). The total sold units for 2019 are a bit more than 600 000 units.  Proton Malaysia reported that the company will continue to invest in outlet growth ...

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How To Overcome A Driving Phobia


Overcome A Driving Phobia. In this day and age, not being able to drive comes up with so many drawbacks. If you want to rush somewhere real quick, you have no option except to rely on public transport or asking someone to drop you at the destination. Both these options are far from perfect, especially in an emergency.  While there ...

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Top 7 Fastest Most Powerful Cars In Your Budget

Powerful Car

Fastest Most Powerful Cars In Your Budget. Are you looking for the most powerful cars but you cannot afford what appears in the classifieds. This article will suggest to you some of the fastest cars under 15K. It tells you that you can get a powerful car on a limited budget. There is no need to spend most of your ...

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Do High Mileage Leases Make Sense?

OK, so let’s say you like the idea of getting a new car every three years. Making perpetual car payments isn’t an issue for you because you write them off as a business expense. And, you like the idea of just walking away from a car when you’re done with it. However, because you tend to drive far more than ...

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Llumar Window Tint Vs. 3M – Which One is Best?

Window Tint

Best Window Tint For Cars It is window tinting that is one of the first things one does since getting a new car. Nonetheless, it can be quite challenging to choose the best window tint. Then, thinking which tinting to choose? What tinting product is exceptional? What tinting brand will last longer and comes with an extended warranty of up ...

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