Reasons Why Connecting to Target Audience Is Substantial

Target Audience

Reasons Why Connecting to Target Audience Is Substantial – Businesses in the United States spent a total of $151 billion in advertising in 2018. Facebook generated about $23 billion in ads, Google generated about $42 billion, and just during the airing of the 2019 Super Bowl, advertisers spent $442 million. Unless businesses are reaching their target audience though, they are ...

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How SSL Certificate affect SEO and Google Rankings

SSL Certificate

How SSL Certificate affects SEO and Google Rankings. SSL Certificates are double-edged swords! They can either ruin (if not installed) or fix your Google and SEO rankings. Read on to see when they can negatively or positively impact your SEO, and how to get the most from them. To understand better how SSL Certificates, affect Google and SEO rankings, it’s ...

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2019 SEO Trends: 5 most Important SEO Strategies


2019 SEO Trends. We are in the digital age where search and display have become the most important marketing strategies. Search engine optimization in this regard is the most profitable marketing strategy for any business. However, in the world of SEO, there is only one thing that is constant and that thing is “change”. SEO changes every day, Google updates ...

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All You Need To Know About Video Marketing & Its Benefits

Video Marketing & Its Benefits

All You Need To Know About Video Marketing & Its Benefits. Video marketing is one of those techniques and tools that can help you stand out in the crowd and help you reach out to wider audiences. Here are the benefits of video marketing that you should know about: 1.    Consulting digital marketing company in Jaipur for video boosts conversion ...

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How Small Businesses Can Use Digital Platforms To Grow

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization Social Media Optimization – The advent of digital has made it possible for small brands and businesses to expand their operations. Being a democratising medium, digital empowers small businesses to explore various digital marketing strategies. ATL (Above The Line) Advertising did not permit small brands to market or advertise themselves owing to high costs and competition. Only ...

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Best SEO Company in India- Rankraft

Best SEO Company in India

SEO is an important parameter in digital marketing services. Every website must follow SEO protocols to get ranked on search engine result pages. What is SEO? SEO is the process of getting organic traffic to a website. It helps in increasing the website traffic by increasing its visibility to users who use a search engine. Rankraft is the best SEO ...

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Effective Methods of Using Instagram SEO for Social Marketing

Instagram SEO

For most social media marketers, Instagram has emerged as the social media platform of choice with its immense popularity among the new generation of young and affluent smartphone users. The radical visual orientation of the network that sets it apart from most of the other social media has helped it to amass humongous one-billion-plus monthly active users, of whom, more ...

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