Five Keys For Mentoring Virtual Team Leaders

Virtual Team Leaders

Five Keys For Mentoring Virtual Team Leaders. The internet has made a lot of things possible. Movie streaming, Telemedicine, e-commerce, and music streaming are all powered by the internet. Virtual teams are one of the great benefits of the internet. You can now work from anywhere in the world and be led by a team leader who will oversee all ...

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Top 5 eLearning Software in 2019

eLearning Software

eLearning Software in 2019 The advent of modern technology has drastically changed the way businesses operate and the field of education is no exception. Companies all over the world are saving a lot of money and time by applying digital approaches. That’s where eLearning software comes in. As a huge part of the developing EdTech industry, eLearning describes the practice ...

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Design Tips for the Wearables Tech Market

Wearables Tech

Design Tips for the Wearables Tech Market. Was it just a few years ago when Fitbit became all the rage? Suddenly, wearable technology was making all the headlines as consumers became aware of this wonderful wearable technology that could monitor an assortment of biometrics. Whether they were trying to measure activity as a weight loss adjunct or work on cardio ...

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iBoysoft NTFS for Mac Review: How to Mount an NTFS Drive on macOS Catalina


Apple has finally released macOS 10.15 Catalina in October, 2019., the most advanced operating system for desktop and laptops, which comes with many functional and security improvements. But just like its predecessors, macOS Catalina still doesn’t support writing to drives formatted with Windows NTFS format. That is, when you plug in your external disk to your Mac computer, you can ...

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Why Companies Prefer Swift Over Objective C For iOS App Development

When we talk about Swift and Objective C. An argument is automatically generated that which programming is useful, and which is not. Which gives more productivity and tends to waste less time and which takes more.   DEMANDS OF DEVELOPERS TOWARDS SWIFT As the time is evolving people’ demands from iOS and OS X software are increasing. They demand improvement, effective ...

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Infinix or Q-Mobile – A Buying Guide

Q-mobile and Infinix, the two reputable brands in Pakistan, hold the stance of providing quality phones at reasonable prices. However, the dense variation in the market often confuses a majority of buyers. If you also are torn between the selection of either Q-mobile or Infinix, then look no further. Read along to unravel a comprehensive compilation of the two brands. ...

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What are the 10 Features That Make Bootstrap Every Website Developer’s Best Friend?


What are the 10 Features That Make Bootstrap Every Website Developer’s Best Friend? What is one thing every novice and veteran website designer looks for while browsing options for site templates? The answer is quite straightforward – Bootstrap makes the work of every designer so easy that it can be a lifesaver for all professional web developers.  Bootstrap is a ...

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Enlightening the Top 8 Reasons Why People Are Using Periscope


Enlightening the Top 8 Reasons Why People Are Using Periscope. Periscope is a smart application designed for Android and iOS with a purpose to ‘Go Live’ anytime anywhere through your mobile phones. It seems as if the app magically ventured into the play store with no signs or notifications of its launch. Then gradually the app did hit the market ...

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Impressive Event Technology Trends Reshaping the Future of business

Event Technology Trends No doubt, modern technology has really getting advance in providing the best factors to utilize it for every field of life. It has remarkably produced the best and impressive solutions to make everything perfect for a better future. The real impact of modern technology you can personally see in the field of business where it has remarkably ...

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