The Top 6 Data Management Trends in 2019

Data Management System

Well, it is important for the users these days that they simply have to know everything that relates to the data management system. They should know that in which direction the database management system is going to be developed. Therefore, it is crucial for the users to know everything i.e., the current trends as well as the latest trends in ...

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Emerging Technologies and Digital Marketing


Emerging Technologies and Digital Marketing – Technology has with its dynamic nature and efficiency changed the face of almost every institution and field we engage with and experience today. Not too long ago, digital marketing was deemed by many to be the future of marketing and enhanced relations with the customer. Digital marketing is a form of marketing that relies ...

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Build Your Intelligent Enterprise Through a Data Fabric

Intelligent Enterprise

Build Your Intelligent Enterprise Through a Data Fabric The world of business is forever evolving. Much of the change is currently driven by technological innovations, especially in computer technology. For your business to remain at par or even beat its chief rivals, you must be aware of the various ways you can improve your operations, as well as build a ...

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5 Whatsapp Marketing Tools You Must Employ In 2019

Whatsapp Marketing

5 Whatsapp Marketing Tools You Must Employ In 2019. WhatsApp has become part and parcel of our life. With over, 1.5 billion active users across 180 countries, WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging channel. Since entrepreneurs, irrespective of size have realized the potential of WhatsApp and are marketing their services on this platform. Why should you use WhatsApp marketing ...

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Turbocharge WordPress Website Performance: 7 Quick Wins

WordPress Website

Turbocharge WordPress Website Performance – All individuals involved in online business wants to get more traffic, clicks, business generation opportunities, brand awareness, engagement with the targeted audience, downloading of premium products, social sharing, etc. Some get the desired success in a few days after launching their sites, while others struggle a lot for their survival in the market or exit ...

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How You Can Enjoy Watching Live TV On Your Firestick?


One of the most useful devices of our times is the Firestick. The Firestick is an Android device which helps you to convert your regular television (with an HDMI port) into a smart TV by which you will be able to access the internet and watch shows from online streaming services and YouTube. It is a great way to watch ...

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How Can I avail of Airtel Broadband Connection?

Airtel Broadband

Today everyone depends on the internet, and it is almost impossible to survive without it. Dependency on the internet is increasing by the day. Not only when you are at home, but you might also need to be connected when you are on the go. But while you are at home, you can save your precious mobile data by taking ...

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Cloudera SDX: What’s the hype about?


In 2008, Christophe Bisciglia from Google, Amr Awadallah from Yahoo!, Mike Olson from Oracle and Jeff Hammerbacher from Facebook came together as founders of Cloudera, a company with the core belief that open source is the future. Today, with its headquarters at Pal Alto, California, it operates in over 24 countries in the world. In this blog we will be talking ...

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Oppo F11 Pro vs Vivo V15 – Which have a Better pop-up Camera?

Oppo F11 Pro

Smartphone manufacturers keep coming up with newer technologies to help you have an enriching experience. The launching of pop-up cameras is the latest technology that everyone is talking about these days. Oppo and Vivo have been one of the arch-rivals in the Indian market. They have recently launched their flagship mobile phones Oppo F11 Pro and Vivo V15 with the pop-up ...

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