Why you should pursue CBAP Training in 2020

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In today’s world, the role of a Business Analyst has become extremely essential for ensuring the success of a project. With the field of business analysis accelerating at a rapid pace, there have been some growing pains. Some of the most common challenges that we face are inconsistent terminology across different organizations and difficulty in assessing the skills and knowledge of Business Analysts.  

In order to promote the professionalism and growth of Business Analysis, a non-profit organization was founded by the name of the International Institute of Business Analysis or IIBA. The mission of IIBA is documenting and maintaining business analysis standards and recognizing and certifying practitioners. The Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certification was started in 2006 for screening, testing, and certifying knowledgeable and qualified business analysts. 

In this article, we will be learning about what a CBAP program is and why you should pursue CBAP training in 2020. 

In 2003, IIBA was established as a non-profit organization whose mission was to create awareness about business analysis and recognize its importance. A part of their vision is building its image and getting identified as a professional organization for business analysis professionals. It is focused on helping the professionals identity BA competencies and skills and certifies practitioners on the basis of these.  

The vision of IIBA is developing and maintaining business analysis practice standards and certifications for its practitioners. Among the top creations of IIBA is the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) guide. This is the best guide for all the accepted practices and knowledge in the field of Business Analysis. The next best creation is the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certification. 

The certification process for the CBAP was created on the basis of a BA analysis study conducted in 2006. A committee of experts used the results of the study for developing examination questions that could test the knowledge of business analysis and its implementation by business analysts. The CBAP certification has a rigorous application process. After you have successfully passed the exam, you will be certified as a knowledgeable and experienced business analysis professional. 

The application for the CBAP certification is rigorous. It has been made by IIBA in a way that it can screen out less-experienced and under-qualified candidates. So, it is important that you fulfill all the eligibility requirements. Remember that the application process is tedious. But, it is important to get your application approved before taking the CBAP exam. You must also finish your professional development hours before applying. There have been several otherwise-qualified candidates who couldn’t sit for the exam because they didn’t fulfill the professional development hours requirement. Make sure that you are able to document the education hours with written proof like a certificate. 

Why should you pursue CBAP Training in 2020? 

Even though there are strict requirements and you have to go through a rigorous application process, the certification is definitely worthwhile. There are several benefits of pursuing CBAP training in 2020: 

  • Employee recognition and development will be enhanced 
  • CBAPs sign a Code of Conduct that is known to increase the professionalism of the adherents. 
  • CBAPs are individuals with a high level of qualifications and knowledge of business analysis. The training will help you learn how to follow established standards and make the right choice for important projects. 
  • During the training, you will learn how to produce quality and reliable results that have increased consistency and efficiency. 
  • Hiring someone with the CBAP professional lets companies have a decreased risk of hiring and promoting employees. 

As an individual, you will be able to enjoy several benefits with the CBAP certification as well: 

  • Demonstrate commitment and dedication to the field of business analysis. 
  • Ability to enhance the profession and have a recognized voice among peers. 
  • Make yourself set apart from the crowd because of your expedited professional advancement. 
  • Demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to be an efficient business analyst. 
  • Advance your career potential without becoming a Project Manager. 
  • Opportunity to get higher pay. 
  • Be recognized by your peers and your organization as an expert in their field. 

The CBAP training will prepare you for the certification exam that is based on the BABOK Guide. There will be some questions not strictly available in the guide. But, the surest way of passing the exam is by going through the information in the guide. There are more than 300 pages in the guide filled with detailed tasks, techniques, inputs, and outputs. You should take the help of tools and create a plan to break BABOK into logical pieces to help you study and memorize.  

Given all the above-mentioned, notable benefits of getting the CBAP certification, you can rest assured knowing that your CBAP certification will be worth all the money, time, and efforts you put into it. It is a sure-shot way towards a rewarding and promising career. However, you should know that it is extremely difficult to clear the CBAP certification process. The application process alone can be quite tedious and frustrating. But, with disciplined effort and systematic training, you will be able to pass this challenging exam. The best option you have to prepare for this exam, especially as a working professional, is to pursue CBAP training online. With a wide range of available options, you will have complete control and unmatched flexibility as a candidate over the place, time, and pace of study. You will be able to learn at your own convenience. 

CBAP certification is an in-demand certification working in the field of business analysis. Created primarily for business analysts, the certification can help professionals working in a wide range of roles such as Project Managers, QA Analysts, Systems Analysts, Application Developers, and any other professional who wants to venture into the field of business analysis. The future of technology and business careers belong to people who are willing to adapt to analyzing, communicating, producing enduring results, and solving business problems. With a CBAP certification in your resume, you will not only have more opportunities, but you will also be able to earn more financially.