Choosing The Right Swim School Software For Your Centre

2 Mins read

When seeking the perfect Swim School Software for the management of your center, you should look for a system that streamlines and coordinates as many functions as possible, including documentation, an online calendar, payment software, and your customer database.  Marketing and communication tools are a useful feature in the more advanced systems, such as Perfect Mind, as well as analysis of your strategies to allow a focussed successful campaign. 

Your school policies, membership options, and other forms can all be organized into one cloud-based location using a high-quality Swim School Software package.  Keeping all your files in one online site makes sense and provides both your team and customers with instant access and lodgement procedures for important files.  You can also include your staff records, employment procedures, and processes as well as payroll, scheduling of work hours, and leave requests. 

An advanced Swim School will revolutionise the lengthy process of timetabling and scheduling for both staff and pupils.  An online calendar allows customers to slot themselves into the appropriate class, know when classes are cancelled or times changed, and provide an easy option for makeup class enrolment.  Many Swim School Software programmes will send alerts for timetable clashes and ensure conflicts are removed.  The calendar can also be programmed to account for different types of programmes in holidays, school term, or for private lessons.  

The right Swim School software can also be used as an attendance record, allowing progress to be monitored by both teachers and pupils.  Using online assessments will create a uniform standard across all classes regardless of teacher and make replacement lessons more streamlined for each pupil.  

Choosing an appropriate Swim School Software will improve your centre’s marketing and promotional functions.  Your membership database, complete with a member profile page, can be integrated with all social media platforms, newsletters and event send out lists, to allow optimal reach.  Customer bases will grow seamlessly when your strategies are aligned.  You can also improve your customer experience with instant access to analysis and data tools which provide an insight into favoured classes and teachers.  By using the data, you can identify and implement areas for improvement quickly and effectively.   

Another beneficial feature of a well-designed Swim School Software package is the ability to send all your invoices from the same software that you use for timetabling, staffing and membership data.  Your software can be customised to suit the various payments required for family groups, holiday programmes, families that may need individual payment plans or for one off lessons.  Accurate invoicing for whichever plan the customer is on will be a breeze, with the best Swim School Software.

Being able to concentrate on training staff and ensuring the best result for your customer becomes a lot easier with Swim School Software that takes the complexity out of the administration of your center.  You and your teachers will benefit from a reduction in tasks that take you away from teaching people the art and enjoyment of swimming.