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Concrete Society: Best Honed Concrete Surface Makers in Perth

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Concrete Society: Best Honed Concrete Surface Makers in Perth. Honed Concrete Surfaces are much more durable and safe to walk on than other polished surfaces. That is why honed concrete floors are becoming more and more popular every day. Whether it is your home floor or driveway, honed concrete surface gives it the strength and durability that it requires. Even outdoor places like footpaths, and offices as well, are also moving towards honed concrete surfaces.

If you are looking for honed concrete finishing for your home or office floor then you are at the right place. Concrete Society specializes in creating aesthetic honed concrete finishing for exteriors. We cover all sorts of surfaces for example surfaces with existing concrete finishing or brand new surfaces as well. Whatever type of floor you have, we can make it look marvelous with are innovative honed concrete floor designs.

Why Choose Our Honed Concrete Flooring Services?

The possibility for designing an amazing concrete floor are as limited as the maker’s imagination. But we assure that our made designs would go a long way. Just let us know what kind of honed concrete floor you are looking for and we’d do everything in our power to give you exactly that.

Honed Concrete surfaces add a sleek, edgy look to your floor. And the best part is, the finishing is non-slipper so you can walk around without being afraid of falling.

But developing that floor in a way that it really does what it’s supposed to do and especially, looks the way it is supposed to look requires a combination of strength and delicacy. Our staff is proficient enough to know what is needed to be done when it comes to any kind of surface. We do everything from basic analysis to designing to actually making your floor look the way it was actually supposed to. We have a team of professional designers who help us figure out what would work best on your floor so whatever your floor may have looked like before, just leave the rest to us.

Protecting the Finished Honed Concrete Floor:

Although honed concrete surfaces are much more durable than polished surfaces, there are still things that you can do to make your honed concrete floor look as good as new for a longer period of time. Here are some of the recommendation from Concrete Society regarding the maintenance of honed concrete surface.

Clean the surface at least once a week. Don’t use strong chemicals because the floor loses its strength because of them. Although the concrete floor is durable but still make sure that you protect it from stains and spills. Some of the foods contain compounds that get accumulated in the surface making it look dull and weak. Do complete floor maintenance at least once every 3-4 years. Our services are not limited to installing new hones concrete floors. We can work with existing worn-out concrete floors as well. Just let us know what kind of floor you want and then leave the rest to us. Contact us right now for aesthetic honed concrete finishes for your floor.