Confused While Applying to Abu Dhabi? Choose Emirates College of Technology

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Located in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Emirates College of technology makes sure to offer quality education in Abu Dhabi. They offer a variety of courses from faculty of business administration, medical and health sciences, media and public relations to faculty of engineering. The faculty of business administration lets students specialize in the department of management, human resource management, business information technology, industrial management, and accounting and finance.

The faculty of medical and health sciences let you excel in the department of allied health professions and health management. Those interested in media and public relations can excel in the department of public relations, radio and television and journalism. Last but not least the faculty of education opens up options in the department of civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and industrial engineering. All these courses are the reason students should apply for the Emirates College of technology.

Studying in Emirates College of technology can enrich students’ experience in multiple ways. Being in a city full of foreigners you get to know about so many new cultures. Your growth while studying in Emirates College of Technology will further be polished since you will be studying in a multicultural city like Abu Dhabi. Other than studying the students can explore Abu Dhabi and the UAE in their free time or vacations. There are multiple places to visit in Abu Dhabi:

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Visit here is a must for every tourist itinerary. It is a modern mosque combined with ancient styles and techniques with incredible duty. A day trip for the students at this mesmerizing mosque should be a must-visit place. The best part is that entry is free of cost.

Adventure in the desert

The dessert is available right at your doorstep, so the students should not miss the chance to explore it. From desert safari, sandboarding, camel riding to dune buggies there is so many activities that students can experience.

Yas Island

It includes the Yas Ferrari world, which also has the world’s fastest roller coaster, also the most stylish hotels in the world and the Yas Water World is the largest water park in the country. The third Warner Bros is opened in Abu Dhabi as well.

Louvre Abu Dhabi

It is the first universal museum in the Arab world. It’s a must-visit place for all those interested in the overarching vision of artistic creation.

Other than Abu Dhabi the students can visit Dubai and other neighboring cities in their winter or spring break. With the best airports present in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offering cheap airlines, you can easily schedule your holidays.

Students after applying at Emirates College of technology get to choose their own student life; they offer student clubs, volunteer work, music, poetry, athletics and much more. They also have career centers that promote students to get in touch with them after graduation in helping them find the best employment opportunity. They prepare students in writing up their resumes as well as providing social media platform training. They also polish student’s skills by preparing them for the upcoming workshops and interviews.

Are you all bored from your monotonous lifestyle and want something new then moving to Abu Dhabi is the best decision you can make at the right age and the right time.