7 Content Marketing Tools For Law Firms To Boost Engagement

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Content Marketing Tools For Boost Your Business

Posting high-quality content on various digital avenues can help attorneys promote their practice. However, you need more than interesting write-ups to get in front of relevant audiences. In this post, we are presenting a list of some content marketing tools for law firms. Creating good quality reading material on a constant basis is a difficult task. You need to find subjects which will be found useful by the readers. Moreover, the content needs to be presented in a manner which catches visitors’ attention. These solutions will help legal professionals create material which will interest and engage their audiences. The tools will also prove to be useful in maximizing the impact of content marketing efforts of attorneys and law firms. 

1. BuzzSumo

A common problem faced by content providers is to identify what kind of material will get a good response from the audience. BuzzSumo will help in answering that question by providing insight into what content was successful across different platforms. You only need to enter a keyword or phrase to see a list of trending material over different periods. The tool will also help you what was the most shared material on various social networks. Users can set alerts to know whenever a new post mentioning a chosen keyword is published. You can also use it to track a rival firm’s content performance and compare it with your own. 

2. Answer The Public 

The best way to catch readers’ attention is by presenting material which they are searching for. Answer the Public is a tool that gives you an extensive idea about searches related to a specific term. Visit the website of the service, choose your location and enter a phrase or a keyword. The solution will generate lists of questions categorized on the basis of queries like how, why, what, when, where, and more. You can choose to visualize the results in a search cloud or see them in a plain list. Lawyers will find it helpful to know the kind of queries people asking on a specific topic. They can then create write-ups around those questions.

3. MailChimp 

E-mail marketing is an integral part of promotional efforts for all types of industries. MailChimp is a marketing platform that will help attorneys run automated e-mail marketing campaigns. You can use the tool to build segregated mailing lists. The tool provides the facility for designing attractive newsletters. There are pre-designed templates along with customization options for creating the material. Users can collect and save e-mail IDs with the tool or export them from another source to the solution. They can schedule the delivery of the e-mails in bulk. The solution lets you monitor the performance of your campaigns by tracking metrics like click-through rate and open rate.

4. TextOptimizer

TextOptimizer is one of the most powerful content marketing tools for law firms that can be used to find interesting content ideas. Enter a phrase in its search box and a list of the most asked queries related to that term will be displayed. You can see alongside each item in the list a visual representation of the number of people asking the question and the number of websites providing a relevant reply. You can use the service to find questions which have a high search volume but low answers. The material crafted to answer those queries will definitely find a huge audience.

5. Visually

You cannot expect to engage your audience only with text-based material. The content marketing strategy must include all kinds of content including visual-based material. Infographics provide an effective way to explain complex topics easily. You can use Visually to create a visual representation of information like graphs or charts. Lawyers can subscribe to the service and provide details about their potential clients and goals. The service will then connect them with a creative team which will collaborate with them on the design project. It will help you get access to material which can easily go viral.

6. Tweriod

Twitter, the micro-blogging site is an effective marketing platform for law firm owners. Attorneys can voice their opinion on trending legal issues to catch the attention of potential clients. They also use the network to post links to their latest article or post pictures or infographics. However, without proper planning, there is a chance that your post is lost in the flood of constant tweets. Tweriod provides you with a solution to this issue. The service analyses your tweets and your users’ behavior to find out the best time for sending a tweet. It can also track when you receive more replies and mentions. You can view all the tracking results in the service’s dashboard.

7. CoScehdule Headline Analyzer

A headline is an important aspect of a write-up and has the potential to affect its performance. You need to compose strong titles which compel a person to read the content. This can drive up the traffic to a website and boost its conversion rate. The CoSchedule Headline Analyzer tells you how powerful a headline is. It evaluates the readability, structure, and word use to establish how a title scores on different metrics. The service also predicts what kind of sentiment the heading will stimulate in the audience. Another useful feature of the tool is that it shows a preview of how the headline will look in Google search results and the e-mail subject line. 


These are some content marketing tools for law firms which will help them find and create better material. These solutions will also be useful in streamlining the campaigns and tracking the audience’s response.

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