Contour Your Body Through Coolsculpting and Actually See REAL results!

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As someone who has just heard about coolsculpting, your first thought would be whether anyone else has had success getting rid of their unwanted fat rolls. This is a very natural response to a procedure that sounds too promising. For many of you who have the tendency to hold all or most of your weight on your butt and thighs (a banana roll tragedy). The thought of finally getting rid of it is aesthetically pleasing to the ears. The body contouring technique, or the coolsculpting banana roll, is performed by expert dermatologists and plastic surgeons and hence proves safe and reliable. 

You work hard for years in the hope of gaining a decent looking body and most importantly, decent looking thighs so that you can enjoy the hot weather to the fullest. But these efforts usually remain futile as the under-thigh fat doesn’t seem to budge even with regular exercises. This is typically due to the fat shedding mechanism that your body employs.

Spot Reduction: Fact or Fantasy? 

Whether you suspect spot exercises to be true or not, it is better to learn how muscle and fat work. Fat is located between the muscle and the skin as a layer occupied by fat cells. These cells store fat which is used as a fuel for energy allocation during a workout. Since fat loss is availed as a complete body metabolism, your body can acquire fat from anywhere within the body as opposed to selective areas. Your muscles do not operate on a specific guided pattern in which they take fat from places immediately around them. Major factors such as genetics also contribute to how your body loses weight. These factors are beyond your control and ultimately determine where the fat loss first starts occurring. Having understood how fat reduction actually works, you may now be very well doubtful regarding whether spot reduction is altogether possible. You shouldn’t despair as coolsculpting is one such avenue that aims at reducing fat from specific areas, which are otherwise difficult to remove by dieting/exercising.

How Does Coolsculpting Banana Roll Work?

CoolSculpting being a fat-freezing technology is a long term process with long-term results. These stubborn troublesome fat bulges under your buttocks and the side handles that aren’t so “loved” after all are subject to freezing temperatures that destroy the fat cells. The body then excretes the dead cell debris by naturally eliminating them over a period of 2 to 4 months. This process is known as cryolipolysis; methodologically, the doctor vacuums the problematic areas between two metallic plates attached to the device. The affected fat cells are those which are directly under the skin, or in other words, within the grip of the suction device. These cells are frozen to death, a process biologically known as apoptosis (cell death).

After cell death occurs, the body transfers the destroyed cells to the liver for them to be excreted. However, it is important to know that cell death doesn’t translate to fat loss right at this point. The cell carrying the fat content is like a capsule, i.e., a protection layer, which is destroyed so that the fat content can be ultimately removed from the body. In order to retain this progress, you must avoid a high caloric diet. This will allow the fat content to ultimately be processed out of your body, instead of being reabsorbed into newer cells. 

Fat freezing Fort Lauderdale

Fat freezing Fort Lauderdale entails a simple scientific understanding of how cells are destroyed without causing any tissue damage. The skin tissue is more resistant to the cold temperate upon which fat cells tend to die. This allows fat cells to be killed off without causing damage to the surrounding skin.

Simply put, coolsculpting as a noninvasive contour procedure uses radiofrequency and/or high-intensity ultrasound waves to supply heat. The corroboration for coolsculpting’s useful status is that it has seen a 7 percent increase between the years 2016 and 2017, as per American Society’s statistics. The main motivating factor for consumer drive has been the noninvasive nature of this procedure, which also eliminates the need for any recovery period.