Corporate Receptionists: A Company’s Top Brand Ambassador

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Focusing on high-quality client service is a priority when hiring a receptionist. Concentrating on customer care is the best way to secure long-term business success and effective relationships.

Corporate receptionists often are the first contact a prospective client has with a company’s brand. First impressions count, so it is imperative to keep that in mind when hiring a receptionist for your firm.

The best employment firms and recruitment agencies in Australia understand the importance of client servicing. While cost is a consideration, time and again, people return to organisations that have exceptional people representing them. That representation starts at the reception desk and extends to the Chief Executive Officer. Companies that invest in quality receptionists who can serve as their top brand ambassador receive the best return on their investment.

Directors of First Impressions

Some companies view their receptionists as nothing more than gatekeepers. They are missing a valuable opportunity to convert callers into viable leads with that kind of limited thinking. Every call is an opportunity for your receptionist to act as a brand ambassador by creating a lasting impression when these guidelines are followed:

1. Treat every caller like a brand influencer

In our 24/7 digital world, every word spoken, every action taken, has the potential to go viral. As the first experience, a potential client has with your brand, a receptionist can shape their view. They are not just receptionists – they are directors of first impressions. Screening questions should be simple, and a familiar and friendly tone should be used. Doing so helps put customers at ease, building a feeling of trust with your brand.

2. Educate receptionists

Make sure the first contact a prospective customer has with your brand is a knowledgeable one. Companies should take time to educate receptionists on the business’s mission statement and objectives, and ensure they are updated on current messaging for all programs.

3. Put a smile in your voice

Just because they cannot see you, that does not mean a customer cannot tell when you are impatient, grumpy, or in a less than congenial mood. Receptionists who understand the importance of their roles as brand ambassadors have perfected the ability to project a smile with their voice during interactions with callers.

Recruit the Right Receptionist

Receptionist recruitment services across Australia promise to find the perfect candidate to fit your needs. Our agency understands corporate receptionists are more than just gatekeepers. We embrace the idea that receptions play a major role in companies, and even more so during the COVID-19 pandemic. They direct traffic and handle detailed queries when staff are not available. While they may be working from home at times, they are still operating on the front line of brand representation.