Craft Paper: Their Types and Uses

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For amazing papercraft, it is obvious that you have to use craft paper. You need to make sure that you are having proper knowledge about craft paper so that you know which paper is used for which craft. Given below is a list of the different kinds of craft papers that you can consider using for creating your craft.


Cardstock is one of the medium weight papers. It is heavy in comparison to printer papers but it is thinner than cardboard. These papers can be used for making greeting cards, handmade boxes, etc. You are going to come across these papers in different colors and textures. This is undoubtedly one of the most common kinds of crafting paper that is used. 

Construction paper

Construction paper is one of the favorites of most parents particularly for the crafts of their children. The reason behind this is that this kind of paper is not expensive and it is also available in several colors. The texture is rough and it cannot be folded easily. Construction paper cannot be used for those projects that are created for lasting for a long time. School teachers often suggest using construction paper for the projects of their class. Make use of Paper Trimmers for your paper craft.

Corrugated cardboard

This kind of cardboard is known to have two layers of paper along with a fluted sheet in the middle. Cardboard boxes are made up of corrugated cardboard because they are robust and durable. It is not easy to cut corrugated cardboard because they are stiff. You can consider using craft knives along with rulers to get the best results. This kind of paper can be used for making toy houses, spaceships, cars, and tiny furniture.

Crepe paper

Crepe paper is one kind of tissue paper, which is thinly coated. It is available in numerous colors and will normally be sold in sheets and rolls. Crepe paper is particularly used for making paper flowers. It is also used as streamers for party decorations. Most of the crafts of kids are also made by using crepe paper. When you are using crepe paper for any craft, ensure that you are using higher grade crepe papers. This will help in giving a striking look to your craft. 

Mulberry paper

This is a handmade paper, which has its origin in China. It is made up of the fibers of the mulberry plant. The paper is exceptionally lightweight but it is extremely durable. It provides an organic look and the texture is coarse. These papers are used for collage and scrapbooking. You can turn your paper craft hobby into a business because you will benefit from the work that you adore, as stated by


This is a kind of paper that is used for printing newspapers. However, these papers are extremely thick. The papers can be used for several paper mache projects as well. 

Origami paper

Origami paper is, particularly for origami crafts. These papers can fold perfectly and are square. They are commonly available in craft and stationery stores easily. 


For any kind of paper craft, the kind of paper that you are using matters. Ensure that you know about the different types of papers that are mentioned above so that you can select the ones that you like the most.