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Innovative Hacks to Create Perfect Videos for Social Media Platforms

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The next time you use a social media platform, take a look at the number of videos that appear along with other posts. Chances are, there will be too many to count.

Online video consumption has boomed. Surveys show that nearly 75% of online traffic, and two-thirds of US consumers, watch mobile videos daily. A significant number do so on desktops, too.

Research also shows that consumers want even more video content. On Facebook, users watch 8 billion videos per day. According to a recent survey, 83% of marketers would create more video content if they had the time, resources, and budget.

If you’re among those who realize the importance of videos to your brand, you must have many questions. Where do you start, what do you look for, what are the essential things to keep in mind?

Given below are the answers to some of your queries:

Begin with the Objective

Too many people make the mistake of creating a video for social media simply because they see that everyone else is doing it. They want to be part of the trend, and unfortunately, many of these videos don’t do the job of attracting eyeballs.

Marketing videos should be approached systematically. You need to get clarity on the goal, which will give you an excellent idea of what the video should contain.

Here are some goals to consider:

Lead Generation

To generate leads through a video, you need to consider aspects such as properly showcasing the benefits of your product or service to the consumer. There should also be a strong call to action and a link to your website.

Brand Awareness

There are numerous strategies to get brand awareness through a video. You should make sure that the message will resonate with the interests of consumers. Your brand name should be repeated, and the product or service shown in action. Show ways of making your brand fit into the consumer’s life.

Promote a New Product

For promoting a new product, videos have to be arresting and newsy. They should convey a sense of an exciting new event, with the product being a way to fill a consumer need. You also need to tell consumers how they can get their hands on the product.

Showcase Brand or Company Values

Sometimes, videos aren’t about selling or lead generation. They can be a means to tell consumers about brand values and the beliefs that run a company. Here, the videos should be inspirational, speaking about culture and ideals.

These are four reasons to create a compelling video for social media. If you’re clear about the objective, it can go a long way in creating a compelling piece of work.

Formats and Practices to Keep in Mind

As you know, there are several social media platforms, and each one has a unique character. Twitter is to the point and witty, LinkedIn is business-like and networked, Facebook and Instagram are social and interactive, and TikTok and Snapchat are youthful and trendy.

For the best results, the video ought to match these characteristics. This doesn’t mean shooting a new video for every platform. Very often, re-editing can do the trick.

Social networks also get different results with video lengths. For example, the ideal video length for Facebook is about one minute, and for Instagram, it’s approximately 30 seconds. Knowing where you’re placing your video, and editing it to the optimum length makes a big difference.

Formats matter as well. With a majority of people watching videos on their smartphones, vertical videos are common. Some platforms allow unedited live-stream videos, which can be an exciting way of promoting new products. With Instagram, you have a choice of a few different video formats.

How to Come Up with Social Media Video Ideas?

Now that you have clarity on goals for which a video ought to be made and an understanding of social media characteristics, it’s time to move on to the next phase. And that is: how do you come up with an idea for a compelling video?

There’s no one single way. Sometimes, an idea arises because of a topical news story. Sometimes, it’s to do with the intent of the brand itself. Sometimes, it comes from consumer insight.

Keeping all of the above criteria in mind, here are some effective ways to think of video content.

Leverage Existing Content

Chances are you already other forms of content available online. This could be blog posts or some other social media content. You could check to see which of these are the most popular and convert them into simple videos.

Customer Feedback

You can create inexpensive customer surveys and ask for other forms of feedback. Analyzing these can give you an idea of the main questions and issues that consumers have. The answers to these can be made into informative, short videos. These feedbacks can also give you an idea about what kind of content your audience wants.

Breaking News

Some topical happenings and events that can be linked to your brand. You can make short and quick videos to leverage or comment on such news.

Tips and Tricks

If you can offer handy tips and techniques to do with the best ways to use your product, or ways to minimize inconvenience, you can teach consumers through videos.

Creating Social Media Videos is Simple and Easy

Many times, it’s the video content that matters more than the quality. A good idea and valuable advice that will engage people. You don’t have to spend a lot of money and time.

Many free online video editor no watermark have templates, slideshow makers and thousands of stock images, too. There are ways of adding text and music, with transitions and effects, to create professional-looking videos in just minutes.

You can also create videos for specific purposes, such as events and celebrations. Simply look for the best free invitation maker, and you’ll be all set.

With tools like these, you’ll find that you can boost your marketing efforts with impactful social media videos that will generate leads, create loyalty, and build a fan base.