11 Creative Ways to Promote an Event in 2022

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The central part of any event is the audience. If you don’t have an engaged audience, there are no great concerts or memorable conferences. Here are some creative event promotion ideas to help you attract an engaged audience in 2022.

1. Create a Movie Trailer

One of the creative ways to promote an event is by creating a movie trailer. This is like a teaser of what people should expect in an upcoming event. So, use event footage and testimonials to make a short video to attract people to your event. Make sure you create a call to action to buy event tickets. This approach will increase your ticket sales.

2. Sneaky Book Signings

Get speakers with written books to sign copies, where you can include your event information. This influencer marketing idea came from Neil Gaiman, who signed all copies of his American Gods book at JFK airport. This caused fans to run for the Delta terminal and the bookstore. Therefore, if you have influencers with a decent profile presenting at your event, consider doing something like this. Use social media to promote it.

3. Live Posts

Twitter is a real-time social media platform that allows you to offer comprehensive event details. You can use an event hashtag for every post. Additionally, check your feeds for questions or concerns posted about your event to ensure your marketing efforts don’t go to waste.

4. Other Social Media Channels

Social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat are popular mediums for event promotion. For example, share a Facebook event with different groups. Another marketing campaign is paid promotions for your event using Facebook.

What’s more, partner with an event marketer who has experience in increasing registrations and generating buzz through social media posts. 

5. Launch a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a perfect platform to increase your online outreach. Actually, there are many creative ways to promote an event using YouTube videos. These include sneak peeks, YouTube webinars, insight into the participants’ gain, and event registration details.

6. Explore Podcasting

Another creative way to promote an event is through podcasting. All you need is a good microphone and recording equipment. Podcasts allow you to access a wider audience without using too much money. For instance, use your email list to identify your target audience. This is a good way of retargeting former event attendees and bracing them for the next event.

Firstly, begin by launching a podcast with a theme that corresponds to your event. You can also become a guest speaker or sponsor for another podcast with a similar target audience.

7. Early Bird Discounts

Another marketing strategy for drawing people to register for your event is offering early bird offers and giveaways. In fact, some event planners will go ahead and offer free tickets to early-bird visitors. Provide a clear deadline for the discounts for early birds or put a limited number of tickets for offer. This marketing tactic aims to tempt attendees with attractive discounts.

8. A/B Testing

A/B testing gives you the chance to compare two versions of one webpage. Furthermore, you can also compare audience engagement or the contributions of event attendees. 

9. Traveling Pop-Ups

Another popular marketing strategy involves using pop-up stalls to promote events. You can take things further by having these stalls pop up for a few days. One of the perks of traveling pop-ups is that people react to events that they think they will not get the next day. Therefore, try using pop-ups on the move. If you cannot travel too far, stay within the city.

10. Create Landing Pages

The other event promotion strategy is to use targeted land pages for your event website. These pages should be specific to a call to action that motivates a website visitor to click through. For example, if bloggers click on information about the event’s location, they should land on a specific page with content on the location of the event. 

Similarly, if visitors click on information about the content, they should land on specific content marketing information about the event and what they will achieve from it. Above all, don’t forget to create event pages that are search engine optimized.

11. Use Digital Signage

Digital signage is one of the other creative ways of promoting an event in 2022. But, make sure you have a solid marketing plan. Review different templates and apps online to identify the appropriate digital signage design. Thus, it will not be difficult to target a specific demographic of viewers.

You can use digital signage to display event programs, registration page details, floor maps, speakers’ bios, and session wayfinding. Use infographics, and feature previous events in your digital signage. This is a good promo technique because it informs potential attendees about what to expect.

In Conclusion

When promoting an event, your aim is to reach as many people as possible. As a result, make your advertisements simple and spend sparingly. The above are straightforward ways to draw a large audience to your event without breaking the bank.

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