The Dangers of Masturbation On Your Health

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Masturbation is the stimulation of one’s own genital organs to achieve sexual satisfaction. In ancient times, but also in the recent past, they mastered masturbation, identifying it with an obsession with a demon. What about today? Fortunately, we already know that masturbation is a natural stage in the development of human sexuality, but we still have problems with it.

Long ago, doctors and sexologists were already inclined to the conclusion that masturbation is not harmful to health. It is time to put your fly in the ointment in the honey of voluptuousness alone.

No one scares teenagers with hair on their hands; they no longer say that useful substances are washed out of the body during ejaculation. But still, there are points of view that do not approve of self-satisfaction.

In this article, we will discuss the various effects of masturbation on health.

Common Masturbation Effects on Health

According to modern sexologists, masturbation is a natural part of human intimate life. It is already observed in the womb. Young children will masturbate even to other children, without hesitation. This is called childhood masturbation, a physiological phenomenon devoid of an erotic context that soon passes. Teenagers masturbate as a result of puberty, and adults do this for various reasons. Masturbation can be a substitute for sexual intercourse when we do not have a partner or a way to diversify an intimate life with a partner.

Masturbation – The Way To Family Disorder

Let’s start with the simplest and most obvious. Suppose sex with a husband satisfies you, but he will not do you as good as you can do, feeling your body and satisfying your slightest need. If you tell your husband about this, he may be offended. He may decide that you are not so pleasant in bed that you have to “pick up” yourself. The same may be on your part: you are not as desirable as models in porn magazines. The solution may be joint masturbation as one of the types of love games.

Masturbation is fraught with psychological dependence

In the series “Sex and the City,” there is a series about the touching relationship of Charlotte with her vibrator. The girlfriends were seriously worried when Charlotte stopped talking with them, going on dates with men – she spent all her free time at home with her toy. Indeed, masturbation becomes a real problem when it goes into the category of mania. You can find any number of stories about people who have difficulty getting rid of such sex addiction. They say that dependence on self-satisfaction is akin to narcotic because in both cases the subject of dependence brings very strong pleasure.

Partnership Sex Lost

Scientists from the city of Cologne experiment was put. For a month, the participants in the experiment were only engaged in masturbation, refraining from normal sex. After that, only 14% of men were able to find a partner for sex. Sexologists warn: if for a long time you satisfy yourself only with the help of masturbation, you will have problems with orgasm during sexual interaction with a partner.

Masturbation Causes Injury

Frequent masturbation can lead to irritation of the skin of the penis. Also, according to Barbara Bartlik, a sexologist from New York, damage to the urethra and penis is common, especially when male patients try to masturbate with foreign objects, such as pillows. Cases of penile fracture in men or mechanical damage to the mucous membranes in women are also known. Also, the deformation of the labia in women is possible.

Masturbation – Colossal Energy Costs

According to some reports, during each ejaculation, the human body loses 150 million sperm. To produce sperm, which a person spends with one ejaculation, the body spends as much energy as when producing 150 grams of blood. After each ejaculation, the body again generates energy to replenish the same amount of new sperm. That is, instead of functioning normally, the body of an avid onanist constantly works to replenish the ejaculate.

Masturbation is also destructive

According to Tantra, during an orgasm in which there is no connection between male and female energy, sexual energy simply leaves the body. Sexual energy is in the lower chakra – Muladhara. This energy is very powerful, it is similar to nuclear because only with the help of this energy a new life is produced. If you lose it unnecessarily, it depletes the body, a person becomes lethargic, weak, heavy. But it is also mentally and spiritually weakening, since sexual energy, rising, “nourishes” and harmonizes all other energy centres.

Final Thought

Believe it or not, masturbate or not masturbate – to decide, of course, in each case, it is better to do it yourself. However, as European studies again confirm, sex with a living partner, especially in the presence of love between partners, is better by 400%.