5 Dental Hygiene Recommendations from a General Dentist – Dr. Eric Koch

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Often, patients with dental health issues are seen by general dentists. These experts, nonetheless, devote a significant amount of time advising patients about common dental health issues like tooth decay, cavities, oral infections, and teeth discoloration. Once you have developed proper dental hygiene practices, they will become second nature to you, and you will not even realize you are doing something beneficial for your teeth. In the following sections, general dentist Eric R Koch, DDS, goes over the top 5 oral hygiene recommendations that patients can incorporate into their everyday routine to improve overall dental health. Read on to learn more.

1.      Brush Your Teeth Twice Daily

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is the foundation of excellent dental hygiene. Brushing eliminates food particles from the mouth that bacteria may turn into acids.

Most general dentists suggest brushing at least twice daily to give teeth adequate time to recuperate from these frequent attacks. However, brushing is also crucial shortly before bedtime as it eliminates acids and bacteria accumulated on the teeth throughout the day. While sleeping, saliva production decreases, making teeth more susceptible to damage. Therefore, cleaning your teeth before going to bed can help to reduce the severity of these attacks. Remember, every brushing must take not less than two minutes every time.

2.      Floss Every Day

Flossing every day is as vital as brushing. Flossing cleanses the narrow places between teeth that a toothbrush cannot reach. These areas are still huge enough for bacteria and plaque buildup to nibble away at the teeth slowly, so they must be flossed daily.

3.      Use a Mouthwash

Mouthwash can assist clean regions that flossing and brushing cannot reach. An antibacterial mouthwash eliminates oral germs, lowering the amount of acids generated in the mouth. Moreover, fluoride is added to several types of mouthwash to help nourish your teeth.

4.      Be Careful about Your Dietary Choices; Avoid Sugar

Anything with sugar is terrible for your teeth. Even foods that are not particularly sweet, such as rice, carry sufficient sugar to cause dental decay. The bad thing an individual could do is eat sugary foods daily as this coats their teeth in sugar for an extended period. The acidity in sugar and microorganisms in your mouth could be detrimental with time. Ensure you cleanse your mouth with water after eating something sweet to reduce the impact of sugar on teeth.

5.      Visit the Dentist Regularly

Keeping up with routine visits to your general visit, ideally, after every six months, enables your doctor to conduct preventive therapies, such as dental cleanings to maintain your teeth. Besides, routine visits also allow for the early detection and treatment of any growing concerns. By identifying your concerns early, you can avoid further complications or enhance your success with different dentistry procedures. 

Achieving a gorgeous, healthy smile is not a game of chance; there are measures you should do today to have a grin you will be pleased with. Integrate as many of these ideas as feasible into your everyday routine for maximum dental health, and you will notice improvements in a matter of days or weeks. However, if you need more expert care and counsel on various oral dental concerns, consult with Dr. Eric Koch. Call the Jasper, TX office or use the online booking tool to arrange an appointment today.

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