Mouthwatering Dessert Mashups To Include In Your Wedding

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When the East meets the West a really awesome fusion desserts is created. Fusion food is really a great gift to our taste buds from the culinary world. It accounts for, blending together two dishes that are totally different and making it into something that is new and wonderful.

If you are a tad-bit bored of eating those usual desserts in all the Indian weddings, then why not spice things up on your own wedding? Gulab Jamun, Gajar Ka Halwa, and Ice Cream are everyone’s favorite, but why not serve them with an excellent twist? So, just go ahead and ask the Caterers in Mumbai to include the fusion desserts into your wedding menu. It will account for some extra bucks but it’ll be something your guests will remember for a long time.

Following are some of the best fusion dessert options that will get your guests craving for more.

Gulab Jamun Cheesecake

This is probably the most talked about dessert fusion, and it rightly should be. This fusion brings together two of the most loved desserts from entirely different worlds into one serving. When some pieces of gulab jamun are placed between the layers of cheesecake it creates an awesome combination. Nothing beats the creamy taste of a cheesecake with the sweetness of gulab jamun.

Gulan Jamun

Thandai Mousse

Why not serve your guests with a refreshing blend of thandai and the airy mousse? Serving this drink to your guests will surely get them talking about it. You can top it off with some grated pistachios and mint leaves which will give this drink an appealing look as well.


Gajar Halwa Trifle

The gajar ka halwa when served as a trifle with the layers of pistachios, chocolate syrup and coconut whipped cream will make a preparation that is out of this world. We can guarantee that just a bite would be enough to send your guests in a state of bliss.


Paan Truffle

Want something fancier? Then you can introduce these paan flavored truffles which will make your guests drool. The sweet gulkand wrapped in a coconut fudge coating gives it a really good taste and a great texture on the outside. Serving it with the vanilla ice cream swirled with rose syrup will really add to the charm.


Ravioli with Rabri

Pasta is everyone’s favorite and can find it everywhere these days. But you can introduce this rare gem in the wedding food menu which combines the awesomeness of Italy and India. Ravioli pasta with stuffed with paneer and dry fruits is soaked in syrup and then served with rabri. This fusion is super yummy and absolutely heavenly!


Carrot Halwa Roulade

Want to give a makeover to your gajar ka halwa? Carrot Halwa Roulade is just a fancy name for a gajar a halwa rolled between the sheets of sweetened mawa. It looks exactly like a swiss roll but with a desi twist. Drizzling some rabri and chopped nuts on top of it when serving will greatly increase the awesomeness.


Apple Jalebi

These can be described as deep fried apples dipped in flavored sugar syrup. Apple is sliced in rings and then dipped in batter before deep frying them to golden perfection making them into apple wafers. These are then dipped into sugar syrup to make them really sweet. This modified version of jalebis will leave your guests awe-struck. A fan of chocolate?


Indian food options have always been on a path of exploration and are influenced by many cultures. Including these fusions in your wedding will give your guests a chance to try something new that they’ve never had before. These Indian desserts with an awesome twist will surely make your wedding an instant hit.

You can even go a step further and set up a DIY dessert counter with tons of bases, sprinklers, liquid chocolates, chopped dry fruits, and other garnishing elements. This will allow your guests to play with the combinations and get creative in making their own desserts.